Did anyone else find analogue more magical?



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Yes it was possible but on rare occasions. What a joy that was.
Interesting! I guess it is a fair distance, even though it’s all over sea!

In answer to the opening question No,

I much prefer todays scene with digital the only thing I miss about analogue was that I had Eurosport FTA @ 8 west for a couple of years,

The current Multi Streams from 5 west & 12.5 west are an added bonus so enjoy them while they last because the replacement satellites will have tight regional beams like Eutelsat 9B :( so that will be the end of French & Italian Multi-streams from these satellites for some of us in the UK,

In satellite when one door closes another opens & who knows what is around the corner :)
I’d definitely agree with you, there’s so much stuff out there now, with multistream etc.

With regard to 5°W, I’m hoping the new satellite’s beam isn’t quite as tight as suggested. From what I’ve seen the only restricted beam is one that covers both Italy and France, which is logical considering the services carried by the multistreams. There shouldn’t be an interfering beam like the Scandinavia and Italy ones on 9°E.