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This program is used to flash your Relook or Mutant with the current bin. You can use a null modem cable or a USB cable. USB cable is faster.

PC has to recognize relook 400S first. Make sure that Hardware Driver and Flash Tools are completely installed on your PC.

For the first time, follow the instructions from 1 to 10.This procedure is required for initial use for once.
1. Download the Flash tools on your PC
2. Connect PC and relook 400S by USB Cable
3. a. If relook is standby mode when it is connected by USB, skip the # 4, follow the # 5 to enter USB mode.
3. b. If the power is on, follow the instruction # 4 to enter Standby mode first then #5 to enter USB mode.
4. Press Power button more than 2seconds (to turn relook into Standby mode)
5. Press and Hold Power button until you see ¡°USB¡± on the front display of relook.
6. PC detects new hardware device(important)
7. Driver Installation Wizard Appears
8. Click on proper (recommended) driver search.(the top choice)
9. Click on designate the folder
10. Designate the folder at C:/Programfiles/Flash_tools/VESTAUSB
11. Folder starts transfer
12. Click on Finish when it is done.

*Caution) The order of this procedure is very important, please do follow the instruction step by step.

When Driver is installed successfully, it is ready to download the latest image to relook(USB download instructions)
13. Relook and PC have to be connected by USB cable.
14. Relook has to be ¡°USB ¡°upgrade mode (¡®USB¡± on the display of relook)
15. Run the Flash Tools
16. Click on USB? check the ¡°USB connected¡± message at the bottom
17. Designate the image that you want to download to relook by pressing FILE
18. "DONE" on the front display. Press Power button on RCU. relook will be restarted!

*To enter USB MODE : Turn relook into standby mode(press the power button more than two seconds) then press and hold power button again until you see USB on the display of Relook.

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could i just correct step 18
you need to press the "DOWN" button in the flashtool

when it says "complete" then it should say "DONE" on the front of the relook.

just press the power button on the front of the relook to reboot the machine

hope this make thing a little clearer


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thx but my relook 400s no connect to usb no see my pc nothing !!
i install flashtool and reboot pc and problem is connect pc-relook i have on lcd usb upgrade and problem still this same.
i write jtag new bootsector and this same problem.
any sugestion maybe this flash , maybe pcb components is damage, maybe psu ?
thx a lots