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Having worked with wireless smart home kit for a couple of years, I've got the test equipment here to check for range , protocol and compatibility issues of three types that were about in 2016/8. (ZWave/ZigBee and Lora)

A client has asked me if I could look at their home kit, purchased three years back and upgraded by an electrician to include some additional dimmers in the kitchen and running from both IPhone and Amazon Echo thing.

The system fails the accept commands about a third of the time and the lighting has started flickering continuously.

Leccy man has moved back to Scotland and is unobtainable but from the receipts I can see it is a mix of Lightwave components, a company I've not heard of before.

Their website appears to have no link to the protocol they use, and worryingly, whilst it is wireless, there is the following statement on the dimmer page

35mm Plastic back boxes are recommended to prevent RF interference

So, did the electrician follow the guide as stated, causing the troubles, (meaning I'll have to replace back boxes only) or is there something less fundamental about Lightwave that means I'll have to purchase a different type of scanner and laptop software ?

(Btw the Dresden electronic kit I use is all WinXP compatible, I really don't want to start charging the operating system or the hardware if I can help it, just for one client)

Thanks in advance.