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Having half hour before lunch and recalling the thread below.

I thought I would try the ADX on the new log periodic and rotator, with the Emitor Satlook at the end of the chain.

As you an see with the screen cleaned up of the background noise, the analyser gives a perfect spectrum of the UHF band with the converter switched on, dropping the IF to commence at 450 MHz . On the upper 7/8 muxes there is locking of the QPSK light plus a BER reading but only briefly. The more astute will see the meter clearly recognises the terrestrials are running with symbol rate of 32.4 MS/s

Result ! , plus no more lugging a second meter around on jobs.

Next week I'll swing the rotator around to see what else is about, background noise is low enough for me to stick a switchable headend unit for some of the more remote locations.