Tbs5520 or tbs5580 ?



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My Satellite Setup
AZbox Premium HD+, TBS 5925, dish Gibertini 100cm, STAB HH120, pc AMD FX8350 ram 32Gb, EBS Pro with VLC and PotPlayer.
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Rome, Italy
Hello, I use a TBS5925 since 5 years with my 1mt motorized dish, enjoying blind scan and small SR (together with 16APSK/32APSK). Now it's time to upgrade my system with a DVB-S2X USB box like the TBS5520 or 5580. Who can tell me which is the best one, keeping in mind that I need the same low SR capability, ACM/VCM, blind scan ? I need a DVB-S2X USB unit, but I don't know if they are so good and reliable or there is something different and better. Thank you for your replies.