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    Hispasat 30°W 11275H 16APSK

    My TBS 6983 card and my Edision MIO4K find this frequency by blindscan and get the same data 11275,5 H 7140( 7139) DVB-S2 QPSK (2) 2/5 ( auto) 12,9dB 12,8dB
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    Just Sharing This New multi-stream @ 30 west

    From the North of Bavaria in Germany, no problem to receive the multistream of Castilla-La mancha with 1.20m (with the rain this morning) The same for asturias
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    Just Sharing This A la maison hd

    it's encrypted now
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    Eutelsat 5 West B

    it is now really on 5 ° West
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    Eutelsat 9b italia beam

    From north bavaria with 1,20m
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    Just Sharing This Mediaset package update @ 5 west

    currently I can not find anything on 12627 H 35000, is there anyone who has a better result?
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    10E feed

    live medicine course 10° East 11540 H 7200 3/4 8PSK HD FTA
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    23.5E feeds

    Three feeds on German reunification. One of them in 4.2.2 11503H 9874 3/4 (4.2.2) 11515H 9874 3/4 12619V 7200 3/4
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    Intelsat 902 62° east

    7,6 dB with 1,20 m from north Bavaria
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    Intelsat 902 62° east

    Hallo with astonishment tonight I can receive 20 transponders on Intelsat 902 62 ° East with only 1,20m and my MIO4K
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    Astra 1N at 19.2E

    it is on one side Crazyscan, and on the other side Transedit that can be obtained by working with dvbviewer. transedit can also work alone.
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    21,5° east new transponder for erithrea

    Hello Eutelsat 21B, two new transponders with programs for Erthrea and Sudan. The further east and south are, the more receptions are possible. 1.20 m north of Bavaria is really the limit.
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    New multistream on 9° east with sr 47100 and 16apsk

    @ sat-tv-fan, this frequency of 12465 V as well as that of 12417V are frequencies which are on HotBird (13 ° East) it is likely that 12466V 47100 is on Italia beam because at home the power varies in the day between 9.5 dB and 11.1dB. for the Italia beam I am much better placed than you dB.
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    New multistream on 9° east with sr 47100 and 16apsk

    you have to make a blindscan in BLScan and not in BLScan2 and the result is perfect. The same mistake was made by "LeBelge".
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    New multistream on 9° east with sr 47100 and 16apsk

    Here are all the programs found on the five different Multistreams. be careful the SR is 47100 and not 29900