Astra 3b in the north of scotland



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Hi, Hope this is in the correct section.

I am in the process of setting up a Dish to receive Slovak/Czech TV here in Inverness in the North of Scotland.

I currently have a paid for box and card obtained in Slovakia, 80x60 Oval Dish (i think its an ex sky dish) and a cheap Amazon single LNB.

I set it up at the back of the house and borrowed a Meter to help angle the dish but couldn't get over 60 signal strength. I suspect it was the house behind me that was restricting my connection so i plan on moving it to the top side of the roof on a long bracket.

I have been informed by a local company that the dish wont work and i need a 1m dish as a minimum (not sure if its them just selling me stuff) so wanted to check here.

Can anyone advise if my setup is sufficient for Astra 3B or do i indeed need a larger dish or anything else im missing?



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First of all: welcome to the forum!

I checked here, and it looks like all czech programms are at the wide beam?

And for the wide beam I found this: Astra 3B at 23.5°E - LyngSat Maps

Don't know if these represent the actual situation, though. But it looks like you should be able to receive 23E.
Though it might be that dish (wider than high??) and LNB (for normal offset dishes??) might not be the best combination.
Others may know that, I think.

but couldn't get over 60 signal strength
Signal strength is not really important.
What is important is signal quality (Q), or S/N, or SNR, or how it is called in your receiver.

Did you get any signal quality level, or could you receive some programms?

Maybe it is 'just' a matter of finding the satellite (or 'a' satellite, to begin with).



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Hi there, welcome to the forum. 23.5E wide beam for the Czech / Slovak channels is an easy catch in Scotland. This is my reception near Kelso (offset lnb on a 1m dish aimed at 16E, so probably equivalent to something around an 80cm. You probably need at least a 60 cm dish for reliable wet weather reception

If you can find 28E for the UK channels just nudge the dish around a bit and up a fraction

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Can you please provide pics of the dish?

People sometimes fail to account for the offset on those dishes ..... the dish face should be roughly at right-angles to ground level and not pointing twenty-odd degrees upwards.