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2x Pace 2600 C1 (in a box just in case) , 3 x Humax HD Foxstat (2 of which in store as spares) . 3x Manhatten Plaza - Pasat 2.4 PF dish mounted on flat roof with Invacom C120 quad LNB .
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Massanassa, Valencia, Spain
I am in Javea using a 1.2m PF dish with and Inverto single C120 LNB and a Humazx Foxsat HD box. I have just returned here after almost a year away but now have issues with several channels on Freesat.

Several channels simply give the "No or Bad signal" message and no indication for the SS or SQ
However the rest which break up most of the time all have strong SS but very poor SQ

The culprits are :
107 BBC 4 HD No or bad signal
108 Scotland HD No or bad signal
148 Food Network Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
149 Food Netrwrok +1 Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
150 Dmax Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
151 DMAX+1 Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
157 Dave Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
158 Drama Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
159 YEsterday Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
168 Quest+1 Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
169 QUEst red Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
170 Quest Red+1 Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
172 Quest Breakup but strong SS & poor SQ
200 BBC News HD No or bad signal
601 CBEEBIES HD No or bad Signal

Is there something common on these channels which would give more insight as to the issue!
I have tried tweaking the skew and managed to get DAVE and DRAMA from BAD signal to severe breakup but little else changed.
I have not tried repointing the dish as I have no proper meter to set it up and am worried that if I loosen the mount I may never getting it back again!
The villa is used for rentals and so I would like to have this working as well as possible so any ideas welcomed.


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Scottish Borders
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TM 5402HD
Skybox F3
Sky+ UK.
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Scottish Borders
Lnb cooked in the hot sun down there?


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My Satellite Setup
1.8m Dish, most Sky and Freesat receivers, 80cm on Illusion motor and Dreambox DM7025, TDT, TDT HD, Ariva 100e,
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Gandia, 70kms south of Valencia, Spain
All channel listed are the batch of 3 very weak frequencies (bbc, UKTV, Discovery) in the area (ITV HD perhaps also), and a 110x120cm dish can struggle to get them all, especially in the summer heat and humidity
(As is PICK HD, which along with a number of Sky pay HD channels, are really bad to get here on "smaller" dishes - 125x135cm dishes just about get a sniff of these two frequencies but nothing stable)
The dish needs to be the right size, perfectly aligned, not warped and a good decent LNB (things have moved on from the IUB and a number of other newer LNBs do seem to work much better at bringing in those so weak frequencies.)
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