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My TD came with no image, I get "NETWORK ERROR" message when trying to install image to TD. I can use a router, switch, cross over cable and a different computer with a fresh windows 2000 pro installation. I still get the same error "Network Error" as I did with the windows XP computer. I have tried the manuals and some walk thrus found on the internet and I get same error. Has anyone had a bad ethernet before or can you share what network settings you used (on computer and TD) to transfer a image file. I am using TDCC1.7


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Hi farmntom, welcome to the forum.

If you're using a hub/switch or router you use patch (straight) cables (TD-router and router to PC). Crossover only from TD to PC.

You may have set some of these parameters, but I'll run through them anyway.

In the LED display's Bootloader menu,Set RIP to the address assigned to your PC. go to 'Initialise at Powerup' and then 'Save All Changes', 'Restart System' to reboot your TD.

In the OSD menu of the TD, go to Network Configuration and enable Network Interface to 'static IPv4'.

Choose an IP adress for your TD, e.g. Netmask Go back to Network interface and press OK. Before you flash an image, in the bootloader menu you will have to change LIP to your TD's ip address ( and possibly the RIP to your PC's address.

if you haven't set your PC's IP address, in WinXP, set your TCP/IP address to the same value as the RIP address in the bootloader, and Netmask to