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6 years, dun wurs.

Anyhow I know there is a formula that dispels the '50 Ohm' god , partly down to transceivers front end being outside the equation when it comes to matching, otherwise there would be no reason to provide ever increasing diameters of broadcast cable at any manufactured impedance.

There is plenty of spiral cable out there, rated at 75 Ohm that would knock your average LMR400 rig install into a cocked hat, if the front end is designed to work with it.

I recall 22-30 Ohm impedance or thereabouts was ideal (for air/sea/land deployment), but cost per metre of the copper stuff has determined who wins in the marketing of cable above ground.

And no, the discone works fine above HF frequencies on 10W, I am experimenting down to around 50MHz, checking the atmosphere and radial reception on a weekly basis.
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