tbs3102 5 crystal phoenix card reader



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My Satellite Setup
125cm dish set to Astra 28.2 plus 80 cm dish set to Astra 19.2
quatro Lnb + unicable 32 LNB
2x 16 core Xeon pro 64 gig ram
2 x 8 input TBS 6909 dvd s2 cards
My Location
i am trying to get a tbs3102 5 crystal phoenix card reader to work with my TBS6909 and DVBlogic
i have DVBlink iptv server and DVBlink TVSource setup and running i can get all the FTA channels
but have no idea how to set up the tbs3102 5 crystal phoenix card reader
i plugged it in the computer that is running Windows 7 Ultimate and windows installed the drivers i don't know if they are the right ones,
i would like to set it up to work with TNTSAT France but don't know how to do that
i have read that there are some files that need to be configured and put into a directory for the DVBlogic software to read the card

any help would be great