Just Sharing This Transmitted some Analogue TV today...

Restored this 23cm's Receiver and Transmitter
Transmitted some analogue video, the receiver is basically an analogue satellite receiver (You can use a analogue satellite receiver to receive this)

Video here:


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Decided to rip all the mods out of the receiver unit and start from scratch, I had no idea what and why some of the things have been done to this, but lets just say there were some errors with the construction that someone tried to compensate with by fitting extra parts all over the place.

Re-capped the receiver, removed all the mods and vero boards, put the correct FET and transistors in and the resistors in the right place, will post up some more stuff when it's completed, hopefully will be ready for the ATV weekend and will have a go at transmitting and receiving some TV over some distance.

Not much in the way of documentation available for either the Transmitter or Receiver, one thing on the list is to build a PLL circuit for the transmitter.
Yes, analogue TV is very much alive in amateur circles. I bought a Pace MSS1000 receiver off Ebay last week. I'll probably be buying an Edision Nino Pro this week. Ridiculous to sublime.