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    5 LNBs into 1 ???

    In the manual under DiSeqC Input there is this statement - "According to the option and position of DiSEqC switch, select Disabled, Tone Burst A to B and DiSEqC A to D." Could it means that I could use some kind of "Tone Bust" switch and have in theory the same option as the Force (8 LNBs)...
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    5 LNBs into 1 ???

    Hi, I have a Humax 5400Z patched, a Force Toroidal 90cm, 4LNBs pointing to Thor/Sirius/Astra/Hot Bird. Since I heard the news that you could from 30th May get BBC on Astra 2D, my questions are - 1) How do I connect 5LNBs to my Humax? I believe I need another 2 way Diseq switch, is this...
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    BBC's Digital TV for people outside UK?

    I just want to know if it is possible for people who live outside the UK to receive the BBC's Digital Package. I guess that you can pickup the signal from 28 degrees(?) where SKY is transmitted. Do you need special tuner? What about the BBC card? Encryption format?
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    what happened to

    This morning Keyfinder 4.4 got error code 403, I found out that is no more. "Under Construction" is what my web browser is telling me!!! And why is Key Finder 4.4 use so much resources, my machine slow down considerably when I fired up KeyFinder 4.4.
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    Latest & Greatest Hummi firmware flash

    Can anyone confirm that their Humax + 2002d Patch works as expected ? i.e. it picks up all channels. If possible can you recommend any particular DS9 file ? I just found out that I also lost Satisfaction. The error was 0100 for Palco and 0500 for Satisfaction. These errors were producable...
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    Latest & Greatest Hummi firmware flash

    Hi, I've upgrade the FW of my 5400Z to 2002d from 3.2 (Patched by Astra Tech people). And now I can watch TPS (GREAT!!!) but lost PALCO (Not so GREAT !!!). I used Satkoos DS9 and Satkoos FUN, both failed to pick up PALCO .-) (I only watch late night movies on PALCO anyway, so it is no great...
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    SOS - GoldWafer + Millennium - SOS

    Humax 5400 has built in IRDETO module, therefore you CAN NOT use SECA/VIACCESS only GW files. If you want to access all or some of the above use DS9/Fun card 5 in 1 files.
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    How about those wireless pci adaper ? Are they different to normal PCI/PCMCIA adapter ? These wireless pci adapter from NetGear cost just 35 UK Pounds !!!
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    What is this decoder ?

    Hi, I've just found a box labeled BT Vs220 an dit also has Videocrypt. Can I use this box? Is it Digital? TIA
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    Humax 5600 - Freecam2.017

    Hi, Where did you get this funcard for FreeCam2-017 ? I have search for this file everywhere !!! If possible could you email it to me so I could try on my system ? TIA Beast
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    FreeCAM 2 with gold card

    Hi, Codexata site was the only one that produced codes for FreeCAM2-017. I believed that the site now is no more, there are no new codes as the moderator of that site is too busy with his new job so he has no time to update the codes. You could always try to use fun card or DS9, as I do now...
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    Spice Platinum

    Spice Platinum - Hotbird 13east The settings are :- 11.095 H 27500 3/4 Encryption Irdeto II
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    Looking for original Irdeto47SE CI

    Try View Tech at