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    Can site advertisers please be vetted?

    Hi, Please feel free to send me over the content first so I can check through it. Many thanks
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    Dish Setup Guides and Information threads

    Sorry not sure, I deleted the Portuguese forums earlier in the year but nothing else.
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    Todays' Forum Upgrade - what has been done?

    Yes completely agree and is on my to do list
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    Links in posts need to be highlighted

    I've just changed the background colours for sticky posts on the sats new skin, does this work better ?
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    Donations seem to be being returned - or is "just me"?

    Thanks for letting me know, this is an updated link to send donations - I appreciate all the support.
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    New Premier League Pay-Per-View Service Leaves Fans Bemused

    March 13th, a date that will remain etched firmly in the memory of every football fan in the country. The day that football was suspended due to the increasing numbers of Covid-19 infections spreading across the country. As football was ripped away from the eager eyes of every fan, a huge void...
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    Forum upgraded to xenforo 2.2

    That's great, thanks for checking. I will now continue with the other gremlins.
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    Forum upgraded to xenforo 2.2

    I've just installed a fix for the attachments not showing, please let me know if this has also worked on the jpeg images.
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    Forum upgraded to xenforo 2.2

    I'm working through the bugs over the weekend so please bear with me.
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    Forum upgraded to xenforo 2.2

    What type of attachments are they gif jpeg pdf ?
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    Forum upgraded to xenforo 2.2

    Just to give you a heads up that I've just updated the forum software to v2.2, please let me know if you spot any bugs or share any new features you spot.
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    Britbox - british brilliance or bloomin’ broken?

    We’ve had Netflix, we’ve had Hulu, we’ve had Amazon Prime Video - all streaming services that deliver video all across the world to people. But here in Britain, the home of ingenuity and innovation, we thought we could do one better. The end result was BritBox. It’s a creation that promises to...
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    The Home Page is looking a bit "dated"

    Yes I completely agree I really need to set some time aside to sort the home page out. I think it would be best changing to a WordPress theme then linking to the forum pages.
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    Bank of england cancels doctor who

    Doctor Who will soon celebrate 55 years of being on-air. However, the Bank of England has cancelled the show from the potential candidates for the honor of being pictured on the face of the proposed £50 note. The bank insists on using the image of a non-fictional member of the UK that has...