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    Euro 2020 (2021) in 4K UHD

    I have sky Q with HDR and can't find it in 4K. Works fine on my LG OLED TV though.
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    Euro 2020 (2021) in 4K UHD

    Sky? Are you sure, I can't find any confirmation that it will be available in 4K on a Sky Q, on a UHD channel or iPlayer. Also, it won't be ALL games, just the games on the BBC. ie. no ITV games.
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    wm 2021

    It's WM 2022 actually, and will take place in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022 AKA World cup 2022!!
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    Help Required Octagon fs8008 What firmware

    FWIW, I bought a VU+ from WoS recently, and they installed the latest stable OpenATV image, not the 'nightly build'.
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    OCTAGON - MooZ 4K - 0.8/1w - Slight picture breakup

    Did it on my Gigablue, also does it on my Uno 4k se as well.
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    Advice Needed 11 west in the uk

    Ah, yeah, he must mean c band, I was on about ku..... oops.
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    Advice Needed 11 west in the uk

    I would say no, just scanned it with EBS pro and get signals ranging from 5db to 14.5db, mostly all data feeds, with 1 sport feed at about 8.5db. This is on a 1.5m Nr Manchester.
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    Continous stream data on telstar 11n @ 37.5° west

    It's not new, it was there 5 jan 2020, on the last time I scanned this bird in. I can't normally get a signal this far west due to trees. Edit: Click image for full size.
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    Chasing Midnight New Years Eve 2020

    Trust me, nothing to see on NHK, has to be the most boring NYE ritual every year. No fireworks, no celebrating whatsoever, and was the same last year too. FYI. seen on EBU feed.
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    New HD channels on Tivu card

    Yeah, the gold card will have come with the Sab HD 4900, so should go in that box.
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    New HD channels on Tivu card

    Cielo and TV2000 appear to have gone HD now, but TV2000 is FTA so should reappear after a rescan. Maybe Cielo would too. I would try that first before buying a new card.
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    TDT- Spanish Package from Hispasat 30W

    Isn't there a massive thread on here detailing how to do it on an Enigma2 box using a specific image? These have been there years, multiple frequencies, and I seem to remember 1 was on a neighbouring satellite. EDIT: They are referred to normally as 'ABERTIS' think the thread may have been...
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    Unknown satellite switch box?

    From google, wikselaar sat trading used to be a 'partner' for Canal Digitaal, wonder if this was used when the first astra sat( forget which one) was launched which extended the KU band down to 10.70 from 10.95. There weren't too many receivers/LNBs that could receive the 'new' frequencies at...
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    BulgariaSat-1 @ 1.9E

    They are all still there, but some seem weaker than before. Some FTA also, including some 'saucy'' channels :oops: