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    Advice Needed New recordable Freesat recommendation?

    If it has the PW1003 Power supply.
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    Streaming to smart TV

    Toshiba 43U5766DB If I try with the built in Opera browser to play a stream, for example "", from my satellite box I get just a black screen. I can stream that to my PC and tablet OK. Anyone got an idea what i could use?
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    Any lnb test reviews lately?

    Going by my experience this week one cannot guarantee that the IBU will give better results than a GM202+ with a particular receiver on a particular channel. We previously blamed my lack of Sky news etc. on the Zgemma H9S being "deaf" on the high band. How can we explain changing to the GM202+...
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    Any lnb test reviews lately?

    Golden media 202+ just arrived and quickly fitted (can't miss Countdown!). Getting high band channels, Sky news,Sky Arts, Pick, that were missing while using IBU to the Zgemma H9S. TM nano m3 saw them though.
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    ITV on Astra 2 - the SD shutdown begins...

    And recording HD uses too many resources.
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    Receiving bbc in haugesund, norway

    I'm another 500 km to the east and get most BBC UK Beam channels on my 1.2. Apparently the signal strength does not fade linearly but there are high and low ripples.
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    This will make your LNB "Covid Secure"!

    Yes I know but it saves me a few trips up and down the stairs to wipe the drops off that do stop the signal.
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    This will make your LNB "Covid Secure"!

    I think mine helps keep the LNB face dry. Half a 5 litre water bottle and a bit of scrap metal.
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    Weird cover versions of well known songs.

    "sings"? 5*!
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    Astra 28e in burgas, bulgaria (not uk beams)

    Intriguing. I am supposedly in a lower signal area. Are you using an Inverto Black Ultra lnb? Do you get RT, and Smithsonian?
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    Astra 28e in burgas, bulgaria (not uk beams)

    Bloom Are you checking dish pointing while you are tuned to a 2G transponder? I have about a centimeter at the LNB between 2E and 2G peaks.
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    Astra 28e in burgas, bulgaria (not uk beams)

    I am fringe in Sweden with a 1.2 M and micro adjustments do make a difference. as does your box.
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    Nature pics

    Not technically great but I like it.
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    Radio receiver using internet sources

    I don't get this at all. Everything is an "internet radio" these days.Your TV, Sat receiver, tablet, laptop, phone. No need for yet another box.
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    What music are you playing 23

    Colorized this today.