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    6,0° East WGS 1

    20941 L 5778 3/4 DVBS2/32APSK DR P3 Radio Station best regards dreamsat
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    37.8° East (Athena Fidus)

    my scan in band C LHCP and RHCP
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    KA-Dual Band LNB

    The first tests are done. If you compare the 21054 and 21075 in both bands, you cannot see any differences in MER. best regards
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    19e Feed Live

    Oh yeah:Y:Y
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    25.8°E Es'hail 2

    a little bit 19418 R:D
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    KA-Dual Band LNB

    I am currently in the process of building a KA-band LNB for areas C and D. The principle is the same as before.
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    11,0° East Inmarsat GX 5

    Scan LHCP and RHCP in Band B
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    19e Feed Live

    Scan from this afternoon
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    25.8°E Es'hail 2

    i have contact:cool::oops:
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    39,0° east hellsa sat 3

    my highest signal at 11.00 a clock
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    Rascom-QAF1R a 2'9ºEste, Activacion de un TP para el norte de Afica en banda KU.

    my scan two transponder received
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    Turksat 4A Ka Band A now active

    all transponder receive
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    17 E Amos-17 Ku

    some programs have left the transponder best regards
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    39,0° east hellsa sat 3

    I optimized my setup again today. I hope I have 24 hour reception now. The Dual LNB work great !! best regards
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    65E Amos 4

    here are all transponder Low Band free are the Showcase Channels