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    Beginner setup?

    feel free to ask anything
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    Saorsat package

    i have take a TV subscription for Sky Ireland.
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    Saorsat package

    thx all for the information
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    Saorsat package

    Okay, but i am not living in Ireland...South Limburg, that's is Holland.
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    Saorsat package

    This package is still working?
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    Advice Needed New multistream receiver

    anyone already use the gigablue trio k?
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    Raven 1.8m Install Progress

    it's looking good, wait for your end result
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    Best satellite dish 2019

    Triax 88 or 110 is a good dishes
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    Clive Swift R.I.P

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    Rooftop Winegard 1.0M offset

    fun stuff you have on your roof, with motor.
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    My First Motorised Set Up..

    a nice setup and am jealous of your big rotating dish