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    amc 18 move east

    Well it was 105.0°W until March 2018, then went to 139.0°W. Not that it matters anyway!
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    amc 18 move east

    Will arrive at 83.0°W on 4 December.
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    Eutelsat 33B

    Eutelsat 33B died in October 2015...
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    Eutelsat konnect

    Two recent press releases about Konnect. Nov 16: Successful entry into service of Eutelsat Konnect satellite. Nov 18: TIM commits to capacity on Eutelsat Konnect and Konnect VHTS to...
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    Astra 1F / Galaxy 11

    Astra 1F was confirmed passivated in a graveyard orbit.
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    Astra 1F / Galaxy 11

    Astra 1F stayed at 44.3°E (not 44.5°E) for several years. This because back in 2016, Nimiq 2 already held the 44.5°E slot, then Astra 1F arrived at 44.3°E and stayed here even after Nimiq 2 left. But a few days ago Astra 1F started drifting West, and now still accelerating. This might be...
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    Next generation of "Eutelsat Quantum" Class satellite

    This year's Universal Registration Document is out: Noteworthy: "EUTELSAT 12 West B has been de-orbited early October". As we knew already. Eutelsat 7A had name Eutelsat 59B while at 59.7°E. This satellite now at...
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    12285 V now on Astra 2G?

    Astra 2G highest transponder available is 12168 V, so 12285 V will be either 2E or 2F.
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    Eutelsat 12 West B has left 12.5°W, drifting West. Passed 13°W already. Probably the end-of-life orbit raising has started. This satellite was launched in 2001 with planned lifetime of 12 years, not bad!
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    Forum upgraded to xenforo 2.2

    You see now? I was too lazy to type the same twice, so appreciate the shorter name!
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    Forum upgraded to xenforo 2.2

    I didn't think the URL changed. But can't recall "SatsUK", even as a informal name. So from now on, I would write "I read that at SatsUK" instead of "". Saves a few seconds!
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    Forum upgraded to xenforo 2.2

    The forum shall be referred to as "SatsUK", and is just the URL? Or maybe it was always SatsUK and I never noticed?
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    New ITV1 HD labels testing

    William I wanted to update my settings with your list, but the editor only shows SID's, not the PID's. So had to go to Lyngsat instead. Why oh why doesn't ITV just add the region names in the ID's? Every other TV station with regional versions does that!
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    The all american sitcom cryptic quiz

    20. The nanny
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    Ula delta-iv heavy with nrol-44

    And another day or more delay announce by ULA, for swing arm retraction system tests :confused