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    Chasing Midnight New Years Eve 2020

    Hello mate :) - Any 'Dinner for one' this evening ?
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    Webro HD100 cable

    Hello all, Just looking at a refit and wondered if anyone has come across / used this stuff and any findings at all Rgds L.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Guys n Girls from all at Camelot
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    Yep the Dirs' cut is the shorter one without the happy ending and full explanation which was tacked on the end for the U.S market. O-no
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    Saturday Birthday Party time

    Have a good one chaps, hope it's warm where you all are :) :-part1
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    Possibly the best job in the world?

    Can you just imagine the expenses sheet at the end of each month though :-smallmam :)
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    Friday´s Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday you lot, have a great one.:-part1:-balloons
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    European beam - Amazonas 61 W

    Hi Vipersan, did you ever get anything on Amazoas at all I wonder?. Particularly useful with the recent demise of 58W There used to be an active transponder here, post #22 Let me know how you do. If not I'll have a look a bit later. Rgds
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    New member introductions

    :-1welcome Glad to have you aboard. :-bighappy L.
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    Non 28E use anyone ?

    Just messing about with a cheapie Grundig HD box and getting a cracking picture from Videolina sat on 36E (12600V 1824 5/6). Just wondered how low an S/R it had in it. Not a bad set of ears on it considering it was meant to spend its life on Astra. :)
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    Saturday Birthday Party time

    Happy weekend Birthday you lucky lot M:W:-bbaloon:-part1:-bighappy
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    Andrews / Channel Master 1.2

    Was getting at the 1 piece / 2 piece thing with losses associated therein. Theory and reality differences etc. Reports are that the larger 2.4 because of its construction doesn't bring as much improvement as one might expect over the 1.8. L.:)
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    Andrews / Channel Master 1.2

    Any thoughts on the 1.8 V 2.4 gain thing at all Crossbones as I know you are a fan of the Andrews antennas, wisdom was that the difference was fairly neglegable. L. :)
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    espn america 28e free to view at the moment

    Politics, Politics mate. What you thinking :confused: :)
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    Wyse 9150se thin client

    Done. L:)