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    22,0° West SES4 West Africa Beam

    Yet hopefull that beams so far away still can be received as long as your dish is large enough!
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    22,0° West SES4 West Africa Beam

    12245 H on 36E is still the curious one from all sub Sahara/Africa beams, I receive that with 1,2m
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    22,0° West SES4 West Africa Beam

    With which dish? 2,2 or 3.7m? Any change we can pick up something here with lesser diameter?
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    Anyone tried to make BIG dish at home?

    You forgot to mention that it gave no better results than one dish.
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    Radio Mars (30w)

    Took a while to get signal/lock but after that I could easily scan the station and listen to it without interruptions (120cm Channel Master, Black Ultra LNB).
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    Vvc test transmission

    Isn't this the project for implementing VVC in VLC? OpenVisualCloud/SVT-AV1 Introducing dav1d: a new AV1 decoder - Yet another blog for JBKempf VideoLAN / dav1d dav1d - dav1d is an AV1 decoder - VideoLAN
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    Continous stream data on telstar 11n @ 37.5° west

    I'm just interested in the technical aspect, can you explain me how you recieved that? I have a TBS5925 and are familiair with SmartDVB, but what parameters do I use?
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    Is there much on 26e and 7w still receivable in the uk

    With 1.2m I guess just the channels of Badr 4 and Eutelsat 7 West A MENA beam?
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    China mux 21.5 e

    All encrypted.
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    Continous stream data on telstar 11n @ 37.5° west

    I don't know if this is the right section to post this question, but does anybody know what this is and how to receive it? First of all I need to lock this postion, until now no signal here on any of the mentioned frequencies....
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    Loss of signal due to rain

    Well I cannot give an explanation too for the difference in signalstrength for the SD-versions of BBC compared with SD-versions of ITV 3 and Channel 4 +1. They are both on the same satellite (exept 10994 H), with the same beam (UK beam) and same parameters. The only difference is the frequency...
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    16E (Eutelsat 16a)

    I guess you mean 11590 V
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    Amos-17 C-band HTS in sub-Saharan Africa

    Any reception reports of the new C-band frequencies?