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    New HD channels on Tivu card

    Did you do a Factory reset on the Sab box ? It might need it to update the new frequencies .
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    Anthony Joshua

    Livestream it is then :)
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    Anthony Joshua

    Any news on tonight's match please ? Any channels showing it part from Sly ?
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    Sky Q intermittent picture breakup with tripod dish

    Or you could try and get a cheapo Zone 2 dish or even a Zone 1 as that's fully compatible with the Wideband LNB and try that .. £20 later you could solve the problem , good luck :)
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    Dynavision dl-300 manual

    Hmm , not sure and don't want to mislead you but i believe it's the same as the 8000 series Amiko . I only have the Alien 2 and i put E2 on that to read some cards .. , sorry :(
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    Octagon h.265 - connecting to internet

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    Dynavision dl-300 manual

    as far as i know it's a Spark , Amiko clone as remotes are compatible ..
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    Bargain Second-Hand Big Dishes For Sale
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    Sky +hd help

    I would start with a new Quad Lnb and see if that makes a difference .
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    Dish size for Fotelka tv Czech Republic / Slovakia

    So what size dish we need to get this from South East UK please ? Admin edit - these posts were split off the Fotelka TV discussion in the "entry level packages" as they deserved their own thread A/S
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    Wanted Hd receiver for skylink sk

    Mutant 51 was the one i was going to suggest but forgot the name , i've heard it will read all CI+ Cams .. I would be apprehensive about the chinese boxes as well but some people swear by them . Whatever you do please keep us posted .
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    Wanted Hd receiver for skylink sk

    If the Cam still works there are a few receivers that will read it .
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    Wanted Hd receiver for skylink sk

    As far as i know Skylink is switching Crypto off so you might need a new card
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    Twin cam?

    ok , so the 2 CI TV's are a thing .. aimed at the German market mostly .. That adapter only compatible with Samsung so no go . The only other CI splitters are aimed at Linux so not good to you . If you get a box it's not guaranteed the your cards will work and you'll need to know what...
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    Twin cam?

    Generally speaking , yes , and somewhat restrictive .. I have not heard of TV's to have 2 CI cam slots but maybe there are . But this might work Samsung 3709 001835 Double Common Interface Adaptor for: Electronics