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    new receicers

    There is also the Aston Simba.. No card slots, No cam slots, Can be patched with AllCam soft 6in1. See La Cafetera: The problem with this box is it's expensive. For the same price you could buy a Technomate 5000 DACPI.. nobbly
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    technomate tm5000 dapci

    Hi steve74, Common mistake is people try to load the 5000ci channel listings into a 500dacpi and this doesn't work. Make sure you have the correct listings. Put your TM in standby Also check cable. Usually a Null Modem cable is needed. The Technomate 5000 DACPI is a great box of tricks..Just...
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    Anyone calling my list will be banned.......( only joking ) I have to say that if you can't find what your looking for there then give up and get a subscription or take your dish down and use it as a rather large wok s*t*a*r*m*a*n Beamer's seca files should work. Unless the channels you want...
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    Everyone seen this?

    Thanks very much. Bloody hell I'd totally forgot all about it. This will have to go in the bedroom i think Make this a lesson to those who didn't take part this time.. You've got to be in it to win it... I can assure you all that its not a fix and normally I never win anything. I wish the...
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    FREE-XTV encryption Update

    FREE-XTV is updating their encryption. Sorry guys..and maybe girls too. People with official cams cam update them here: nobbly
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    Titaniumcard INFO

    Some nice info on Titaniumcard programming and files Some Titanium Progger Versions nobbly
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    Nobbly's Big Link List Update

    Hope they do or I'll Ban them all.....LOL
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    Nobbly's Big Link List Update

    Finally got round to updating my Big Links List... Hope you enjoy it..... nobbly
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    MM No Zap

    UPDATE Xamuh has just released PentaCrypt 1.11 with NoZap. - More stable on No-Zap than others - Full TPS I think you still need a programmed card with file . Latest is 0507...... nobbly
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    MM No Zap

    This file is TetraCrypt 1.0 with NoZap by Xamuh. Any file witha .mbf extention is a firmware file for the MM. It would replace the penta or tetra that is loaded on your MM. You will need to put your MM into DREAMLOAD state then use the MM programmer and Magic loader software. To be sure it's...
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    Eprom - Internal or External

    Most of the funcard files conatin a flash/data file and an Eprom file. Nearly all 5in1 6in1 use the external Eprom. (named "EPROM") So if your not sure use the external eprom. Others use 2 eprom files. Internal and external. (named int-eprom, Ext-eprom) Some of the Free X TV files use the...
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    Free-x-tv on Astra 19E

    Why 2?...LOL
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    New Portable Magic Loader Pro

    You can now program your MM without having to take your computer to your telly Quote: This Unique Device will enable the programming of a Magic, Matrix, Axas, Embedded UCAS Receivers and all other Magic Cam clones without having to be connected to a computer.. Saves alot of stress for only £29...
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    Free X Tv

    Yes its found in Merlin & Merlin Lite engine blocks. Hmmmmm... Where did you hear about it? How do you know it claims to do Free-x-tv and No-Zap ??? nobbly ^-J
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    Who can be the silliest ?

    Thought it would be fun to see who can be the silliest. Go on. Make us laugh..... Make your woman happy and instead of sending her Roses, send her a Penis Tree! nobbly