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    Help Required Yahsat coverage in Europe?

    Impossible to tell, but Yahsat eastbeam works fine here in Finland 3m. Mena beam is weaker, manaed to lock few times
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    Yahsat is off

    Channels are working fine here..
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    Intelsat 17 @ 66 east

    2.4m here 3845H 30000 - 3845V 28800 9.5db 3876H 14300 - 3885V 30000 9.2db 3894H 13840 - 3914H 11200 9.0db 3925V 30000 9.5db 3932H 18330 8.0db 3965V 12335 8.0db 3966H 14400 8.5db 3984H 14400 9.0db 4006H 14400 9.5db 4015V 30000 9.8db 4024H 14400 7.8db
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    Advice Needed Octagon sf8008

    Try another image, I'm using OpenVix. It's also possible to install SX88 image to SF8008
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    Radio Mars (30w)

    It locks with SF4008, if just wait But not possible to scan, because it locks too slowly
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    Octagon sf8008/sf8008m mini multiboot with octagon sx88 linux os

    Tested SF8008 but it did not work. Installed to slot2 (Network Multiboot Image Upgrade) But startup_2 is not visible and now "Slot select" is just gray and empty.
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    Es'hail 2 channels

    Curretly 3m + SF8008 10730H 6.0db 10850H 8.0db 10890H 7.5db 11350H 4.8db (Eshail 1 nothing here)
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    12 304 h on astra 28 e - which satellite and beam?

    12129V and 12168V are 100% 2E UK, currently 7.2db and 7.0db (both flysat and lyngsat are wrong) 12382H is 2F UK 7.0db 12363V no lock (likely 2F UK)
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    Eutelsat 5 West B - reception reports

    Rai 11013V, 11179V.. working here 1.8m 3m everything works, 12543H has the smallest margin (without adjusting skew)
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    Eutelsat 7C

    See my post above. These are 7B
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    Eutelsat 7C

    Signals have improved slightly here in Finland. 11046H, 11192V and 11221H same as before, likely not moved and are 7B
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    Eutelsat 5 West B

    3m: 11471H 9900 12.8db = Transalpine 11480H 3215 19.2db = ? 110cm: 11471H 9900 nothing 11480H 3215 12.0db
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    Eutelsat 5 West B

    Location is in my profile (63N 22E) All B frequencies are currently between 12-14db (SF8008)
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    Eutelsat 5 West B

    All channels still ok here (3m western Finland)