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    Underworld 149

    Kabelkiosk is changing keys every day now, which makes watching NASN Europe a little tricky. Hope they bring out an AU solution soon™
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    WoW now theres a product i've not heard of in awhile. Sorry no instructions tho...
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    NASN Europe 15W

    Thanks i'll have to do some searching. Rgds PJ
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    NASN Europe 15W

    Can anyone check the above for me i'm getting black here atm.. Thanks PJ
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    Channel master 1.8M Dish

    Glad to see you've finally got it up Crossbones. Rgds PJ
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    CM 2.4mtr offset

    Keano have you been using just the Sat receiver to peak the dish or a Satlook or something? Rgds PJ
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    Staffspeted becomes a Dad!!!!!

    Congratulations, Wishing you and your family all the best. PJ
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    Can't run .sh script files

    linux is case specific, so make sure it's exactly as you typed. Also if you are in the folder where the .sh file is just run ./ chmod +x or +e (can't remeber) is another option but i'm sure chmod 755 does the same. Rgds PJ
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    Never got into bittorrents

    Oh and don't forget to download the safepeer plugin for Azureus either else you get nasty emails / letters from your ISP. Rgds PJ
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    Sky HD

    The audio was fine, it's was just me being dense. Sky+ Hard Drive down to 35% though with Miami Vice & The Omen yet to record / watch. Rgds PJ
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    Never got into bittorrents

    Grats, Azureus is a top notice client, although it chews memory if you leave it on 24x7. So close it down once in a while. 2 Great links that'll help you on your way to find anything. Rgds PJ
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    Sky HD

    Well i've had Sky HD since saturday, and at this rate the Sky+ harddrive will be full before the week is out. They really need to upgrade the HD capacity in these things. (1Tb drive is on my list when cash becomes available or Star Wars HD is reshown) I do love the Sky + functionality though...
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    Arabsat & Nilesat Reception in U.K.

    LoL i had visions of a 1.8m on the wall then. Now that would be interesting. Think i'm stuck at pulling in anymore nilesat until i get a better meter which would be able to do sig quality & BER at the dish. Hope you have fun with the 1.8. Rgds PJ
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    Is it possible to intercept S.I.S horseracing channel

    For those of you who didn't know what in running betting was (like me) _ Care to elaborate on the reception of these feeds Diamond28? Thanks PJ
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    Never got into bittorrents

    Which ISP do you use? Most ISP's throttle traffic which is why it's taking 10hours to download something. Some things take awhile others can be down in minutes. Azureus is the program to use for bittorrents, couple with a router a decent isp and nothing short of unlimited bandwidth and...