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    Time to move on.

    Words fall short of expressing my feelings TJ.....Thank you so much for your great contributions to this forum. Be strong TJ, you are always in our thoughts.
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    New Channel ERT World HD

    Tried it for the umpteenth time, no luck only ERT2 SD opens up.
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    New Channel ERT World HD

    just did but no luck on all Boxes
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    New Channel ERT World HD

    Yes quite so. But 2&3 HD do not.
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    New Channel ERT World HD

    On my SF8008 everything ok But on both my DreamBoxes 900 and 920UHD the picture just comes in and freezes whilst on my Dreambox 8000 the picture comes in just fine but no sound at all.
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    UHD Spain HDR & SDR

    Yes I do on both my Dreamboxes 900&920UHD but not on my Octagon Sf8008 in which case I have both picture and sound. (N.B.) I substituted type 32 to 31 on dreamBoxEdit but all I got is the sound so far.
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    UHD Spain HDR & SDR

    I can receive these HEVC channels but when I look for them in 'NEW' Channels I find nothing on both Dreambox Recivers that is to say DM 900&DM 920, whilst on my Octagon sF008 no problem. Does this means that the DMs cannot decrypt HEVC channels?
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    Forgotten' moon landing astronaut Michael Collins dies aged 90

    True, in Maltese we have a saying that says ''Il borma toqghod fuq tlieta'' which translate to ''The pot sit on three'' anything less is inadequate. So Collins involvement was as necessary as the rest. RIP Michael.
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    OCTAGON - MooZ 4K - 0.8/1w - Slight picture breakup

    Yes there is a very slight rapid breakup.
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    Captain Sir Tom Moore dies

    A real Gentleman who helped the Front liners in no small way and who through his patriotic deeds united an nation. RIP Sir Tom Moore, your name will live forever.
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    OCTAGON SF8008 E2 4K UHD

    Yes same happened to me....the RX will hang at 100. So I used the USB to install 6.4 from 6.3 (plus usb. update_bin. ) and it was ok then
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    OCTAGON SF8008 E2 4K UHD

    Yes I had a password in my Receiver but I got to know that with this new Image the P/W has to be changed. So for anyone who might encounter this Problem......... go to 'Setup>system>network>password setup>new password'. It worked perfectly with DreamboxEdit but I encountered a problem with DCC...
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    OCTAGON SF8008 E2 4K UHD

    Can anyone please tell me what is the factory password for Octagon sf8008 because I just gave it a new image OPEN ATV 6.4 and I could not communicate with the receiver to install a channel list or use DCC Dreambox Control center because it keeps asking me for the correct password> When I used...
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    55E (Yamal 402)

    Can even be receivable with a 1.2 Dish although at certain times of the day signal tends to fade or decreases.