Channel Master 1.07.02 import *.DAT Relook



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What's New?
  • Fixed the Favorites problem when Aplying Templates.
  • Fixed the DiSEqC port problem for Pansat 2300A (when read directly from receiver).
  • Fixed a problem with exporting bouquets to DreamBox.
  • Added Provider Name to templates.
  • First version DGStation Import.
  • Added Video PID and Audio PID to the Channels View.
  • Added Channel Type to the Template.
- compatible with GTD file format (GTools)
- Copy/paste channels and satellites from another list
- Search for channels/satellites by name
- Print Channel line-up - with Templates
- Fill Missing Channels
- Convert to/from DishPro
- Pansat and Fortec Read/(Write still in beta as it hangs in some situations)
- Powerful bulk rename
- Renumber Channels
- Import/Export from/to SatcoDX Protocol format.
- Unlimited Favorites when using CM native XML format
- Apply Template and Create Template as per GTools Helper, extended with Ac3 info as in CTools.
- Global Satellite preferences that are applied when loading any project.
- Import/Export from/to BlackBird TXT and FCD formats.
- Import/Export from/to Digiwave TXT format.
- Support for NDF file format (Coolsat receivers).
- Import/Export from/to Spacestar DAT format.
- Import/Export from/to Viewsat SAT/CHA format.
- Import/Export from/to MyTheatre database.
- Import/Export from/to Dreambox format.
- Import/Export from/to RitzDVB format.
- Import/Export from/to MVIDEA format.
- Import/Export from/to Triple Dragon format.
- Import/Export from/to DGStation format.


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Channel Master 1.07.02