Nc+ (2850) receiver decoder : hdmi-cec



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We have a nc+ 2850 Receiver Decoder with a card for TV from Poland. This is connected to a LG TV 37LD490-ZB (2011) [Firmware latest 03.21.62] LG use the "Simplink" CEC system via the HDMI lead. This is for the father in-law, well into his 90's

However, the HDMI-CEC system does not takeover the TV picture when the Decoder box is powered on. Likewise, it will not takeover the TV picture when a (full ) Scart lead is used?

So the questions are :-

1) Is the nc+ Receiver/Decoder unit capable of sending a HDMI-CEC signal to the TV either by HDMI lead (proven lead) or the Scart Lead.

2) Is the LG TV capable of acting on a HDMI-CEC signal.

Also the menu setup on the nc+ Receiver/Decoder is all in Polish - which I don't understand - have tried using Google translate which is tricky.

Any tips, advise welcome.


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I've never used an lg tv or nc+ box so can't be specific.

Scart power or scart control may need to be enabled on the nc+ box to get it working over scart. Also make sure it's outputting RGB, this might also enable scart power/control.

As for hdmi is it connected to the hdmi1 socket? Hdmi1 is the only way I've ever had a box be able to force a tv to switch to it. Even then it would only switch automatically if freeview was being watched, it wouldn't switch from another hdmi input.

Disconnect everything from the tv apart from the nc+ box on hdmi1, select another non hdmi input(such as freeview or av1) and then turn the nc+ box on and see if it switches. If not then I doubt you'll ever get it to auto switch.

If you only use hdmi inputs then you could try an external auto hdmi switch. Looking at reviews they can be a bit hit & miss though. Everything hdmi would have to be connected to it but then in theory it should switch to any device as they're turned on.

Can the tv bet set to switch to a specific input when it's turned on? Make that the nc+ box so it's just a case of turning the tv off & on.

Other than that if one button on the tv remote cycles through the inputs then mark that button with something like tippex to make it stand out.