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Changelog :

1.2.23 based on the official DGStation PCEditor 1.0

- Changed: New version numbering 1.2.x to stay tuned with DGStation PCEditor
naming conventions
- New: Support for database revision 1.2/1.3 from Mutant DGS image 1.6/1.8 or higher
- New: Support for database revision 1.9 from Relook 400s DGS image 1.16/1.18 or higher
- New: Reading/writing channel database via FTP of Mutant 200, image 1.8 or higher needed
- New: Changed FTP access for channel database for Relook 400s, image 1.18 or higher needed
- New: Serial access for reading database from Mutant 200s, image 1.8 or higher needed
- New: Export all channels with favorite group (see context menu of channel list)
Known problem: When importing these channels, the sort order of favorite groups and favorites are not maintained
- New: Function to update a database from revision 1.2/1.8 to 1.3/1.9 (menu Tools)
- New: Function to import providers from database revision 1.3/1.9 with scanned channels e.g. after updating the database.
- New: Settings dialog for Mutant 200s
- Changed: Internal functionality of cut/copy/paste of channels
- Changed: Competely re-written the export of favorites with and without favorite group name (see context menu of favorite groups)
- Fixed: Wrong message when exporting all favorites and favorites are appended to
export file
- Fixed: Wrong channel number after in place-editing the channel number
- Fixed: Crash of PCEditor before USB upload/USB download for Relook 400s

Supported Images for database access via FTP :

Relook 400s :

- DGS 1.18 or higher
- Relookusers image 0.6d or higher
Other images are not tested. Every image based on DGS 1.18 should support this feature.

Mutant 200s :

- DGS 1.8 or higher
- RonaldD 051129 or higher
Other images are not tested. Every image based on DGS 1.8 should support this feature.

Please note: Restarting the Mutant/Relook is necessary after database upload because the database is copied to flash after restart.

Converting a database :

A database from revision 1.2/1.8 can be converted to revision 1.3/1.9. Make a backup copy of your
old database and open it in PCEditor. Use the update function from menu "Tools" and save your database.
Now this database can be uploaded to the Mutant/Relook via FTP.

Import of providers :

After converting a database, there is of course no provider information in the converted database.
But you can import the provider information from an appropriate database containing channels from your preferred satellite, which has been created by a channel scan.
Please note: All possibly existing providers will be overwritten.
You can also do a complete channel scan on the Mutant/Relook after you uploaded the database. The providers will be assigned to the channels.

Export/import compatiblity
You can import channels exported from revision 1.8 to a database revision 1.9 but not vice versa.

What is missing in this version ?
The column for the provider in the channel list and any access to provider data is still missing.
This will come in the next release.

Doiwnload at:

PC Editor 1.1.23


ASBO Club Member - Persona non grata
My Location
Stockholm, Sweden
Updated version 1.1.23a availabe now.