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    LAN Cable and Wallplate request

    I have a very bad VM wifi signal from my standard VM hub. Complained to VM and they agreed to send me a "booster" kit for free - and that works well enough to give me a useable wifi signal in some old blind spots. The booster kits are the same as Powerline (two separate units that plug into...
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    Advice Needed Advice on faulty V-box II

    Er2 is a problem connecting with the motor in my experience. Have you tried running a separate two core control cable between the vBox and the motor (I had a faulty lead on one of my dishes). Have you tried moving the motor with a direct 12v supply (not from the vBox.). If you have double...
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    Wanted 76mm diameter ground stand wanted.

    I have a ground mount here I don't use now. The pole is heavy steel, painted black. 1 metre long x 76mm outside diameter. There are six heavy metal struts and all the nuts. I don't know if it is Channel Master branded.
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    Not a sky q question, but hd replacement

    Hard reset. This is from my records - have tried this method, it does work. But there might also be a method using the menus that does the same. 1/ mains power off - NB must have a satellite signal (LNB Connected) 2/ press the back up button on top of box 3/ power up - keep back up button...
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    E2 Receiver With Multiple A/V Outputs ?

    The older VU top end boxes all had two outputs - one is HDMI and the other is component video. That is true for my two old boxes - VU+Duo & VU+Duo2. But don't know about the newer 4K boxes.
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    Old analogue viewing cards (videocrypt, eurocrypt, etc.)

    I have three official cards - ONdigital, NTL (that system changed to VM later) & arabesque (13east) - any good ? On the pirate card - I have a complete set - might have 50 cards, most types. What would you like.
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    Advice Needed Setting up channel master

    I have found that a standard LNB - eg the commonly recommended Inverto Black Ultra - performs better than the Channel master feed and an LNB that bolts to it (forgot the technical name - is it a C120?) I suspect the theory is correct - the feed + a good LNB would work best. But the issue is...
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    Sky uk offering penalty free pausing of sport subs

    Latest. When I finished the long phone call mentioned above I asked for someone more senior to call me. I was not hopeful. But I was called yesterday. Very calm guy from the UK call centre, he went through all the options described in the call earlier in the week - saying that what was...
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    Sky uk offering penalty free pausing of sport subs

    Another attempt, this time on the phone for an hour, mostly waiting for someone to answer the line. Went through only two people this time. Spent a long time with the second person. He would not budge, would not offer any deal below the £22 per month to be paid with the suspend sports...
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    Sky uk offering penalty free pausing of sport subs

    Phoned up yesterday. Total time on phone was two hours spread over two calls. Best I could get was to reduce to a basic subscription of £22 per month. I said I would cancel, they then have to transfer you to another section. Then waited for 30 minutes and gave up.
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    Slow moving actuator = e2 error

    I had the E2 error on my dish over a year or so. Did everything - dismantled tested etc etc. Then I did what I should have done first - checked the wiring. And found a loose connection in the pulse wires (it's a very long distance in my case and I had joined the wires). Amazingly it worked...
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    Advice Needed 4g external antenna

    Interested in this, so followed the link above. Put in my French address and got back (as expected - nothing seems to work for me in France) - "La 4G box n'est pas disponible chez vous" Don't understand, I would have thought 4G would work almost everywhere. So is there another reason they...
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    Wanted Looking for channel master feedhorn

    I have a CM feedhorn here which looks identical to the picture above. On the rim where the eight holes are is a marking - 3040661. There is no other identification marking on the feedhorn. I have the original invoice from 2007 which says that is part number 611606007. But though it was...
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    Have you a good home for these items?

    I am interested in the Channel Master 120cm dish and the mounts for my house in Provence. But I can't take away the 180cm dish or any of the associated 180cm pieces. If you change your conditions about all or nothing please send a PM (or add to thread if you prefer).
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    Advice Needed 100%quality and strength on skynews, zero% on bbc. full epg, but no normal channels

    I am near Avignon in Vaucluse (84) and I have no problem on a 100cm dish except for ITV1 HD & ITV4 HD (and the other channels on the same transponder). I've seen forum posts over recent years, and from these reports it is clear that it depends very much where you are located in the south of...