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    Intelsat 12/906 Minimum Dish Size - Western India

    both on same dish ?? 45° gives me 230° - 40° elevation & azimuth respectively however, 64° gives me 175° and 62° respectively for my location
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    Intelsat 12/906 Minimum Dish Size - Western India

    right now 11550 V 28800 @45°E is broadcasting interesting FTA anybody getting them ?
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    Intelsat 12/906 Minimum Dish Size - Western India

    hi satexperts! I'm from Kachchh, Gujarat - the western most part of India. having performed lots of efforts, I've not succeeded to trace Intelsat 12 & Intelsat 906 Indian Ku Beams yet. I'm using 90cm solid offset dish & mpeg4 receiver provided by Videocon d2h. My receiver is compatible with...
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    Kaon KSC-i260MCO Original Firmware

    Respected Satexperts! I'm am having the Kaon KSC-i260MCO receiver. Now, I want to downgrade its firmware so that I can use it as an FTA Receiver. Kindly help me to get necessary files/links. Thanks if advance. :)
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    Updated FTA Channels List - India

    » Hi BirdGeeks, » Ishan here.. I'm from West India, Gujarat. » I've been pinging to this forum since a long time.. I get almost 90% of my queries solved here! Thanks a ton ! » Well, we're receiving so many birds here, from surrounding nations. » Sometimes people are found to be tracing those...