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    10E Eutelsat 10A

    3657R 3716 RTNC, RTGA, Tele 50 and RTNC with very strong signal. B-One and Digital Congo goes as a radio channel for me, are these really radio or what is going on? Are these anymore on 2.9E? No signal here from 3985R.
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    Put the BBQ in the garage & watch the rain. Winter 2016 chat

    Still there behind of the carport. But must say that both of my dishes been quite jobless on last months because of IPTV. I know CJ that You´re not biggest iptv fan but must say that as a former radio-dxer, channels like CHCH, CHEK, CHEX, CKWX, WCAX, WRAL, WADL, TSN etc. are more than great to...
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    Put the BBQ in the garage & watch the rain. Winter 2016 chat

    +5C° today and 3C° atm. Here was 2 weeks winter with snow but all gone now and waiting for cricket players
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    11W C-Band

    I have a stable imagination that this was 7-8 dB some time ago? Maybe something changed on footprint or 2nd likely reason ->
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    11W C-Band

    Quite stabile here (5.7-5.8 dB ). But only 5 . something. Maybe year or something when checked that last. It was stronger earlier I recall...
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    Intelsat 22, 72.1E

    3742L stronger than usually today. 2 different channel that Flysat listings are -> KTN News and Kyeni Tv. No Farmer Tv as listed on Flysat.
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    51.5°E Belintersat 1

    Interesting, maybe African beam not Global? Nothing at all here. In fact I first thought that yes something founded when I did a blindscan (3831R), but it was only very strong TRV Muji from 49E
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    New Channel AL NABAA-TV

    ... and was quite a headache too. It took forever to got signal but then it was strong suddenly, or my Technomate maybe didn´t like that channel. But yes it was 20W then:)
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    New Channel AL NABAA-TV

    7.4-7.8 dB here (1.2m). Luckily qpsk because 8psk would be problematic to get picture here. This was 18W or 20W earlier, was it ..?
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    Eutelsat 48A @ 48.2° East

    11919V 12.3 dB here atm.
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    50E Turksat 4B

    (11489H stabile 9.6 dB ) but these new ones 11480V/11522V only about 8 dB and no lock.
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    Thaicom 2/5 @ 78,5 East

    4007V 15000 something without lock so far. About 3.5 dB here. Regional beam anyway..?
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    Thaicom 2/5 @ 78,5 East

    3545H 2083 SLNTV Testing. No logo on screen and also different programme as 3640H showing. Thaicom 5 Global beam I suppose.