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    Yamal 601 latest footprints 2018

    great news. :-party2
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    New member introductions

    Hi... I m also new here !! :-lol I m just an old hag, bugging other members since ages, on this forum. :blink:
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    GSAT-11, Intelsat 38 (Azerspace-2) - Ariane 5 ECA (VA243)

    Currently there is intelsat 12 @ 45e Azerspace 1 @ 46e Now, this new satellite, intelsat 38 is for 45e, an not 46e. azerspace 2 @46e, a different satellite than intelsat 38 I m saying this bcoz, there's a sri lankan DTH, by the name of Dialog DTH works at 45e. Its available in India too. And...
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    Italian channels on Hotbird:Numerous ,low key, low content ,and stupid !Not the Rai of course!

    Wish we could get some here in our part of the world... even if they are the low content ones. one man's trash is another one's treasure :)
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    Vibe TV on Express AM7@40e

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    Hellas 39 east

    wow... 12 yr old thread bumped... :-wow
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    ISN Tv, Time movie, Hadi 6 TV started on YAHSAT @52E

    ISN Tv, Time movie, Hadi 6 TV, Komala, Rah-e-farda started on YAHSAT @52E
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    Too Many Trees.

    pls dont cut trees... can do without few channels, but not without oxygen. :(
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    SES12 - will be 95E

    they keep pushing d dates back.. :confused
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    Express AM6 Ku-2 beam

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    What Music are you Playing Part 18

    I Like this one, from Tears for Fears
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    KSA Sports 2, Persian Star 2, Ajyal HD, SBC HD on Yahsat 1A @ 52e

    KSA Sports 2, Persian Star 2, Ajyal HD, SBC HD on Yahsat 1A @ 52e