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    there is a difference between what the official data sheet says and the advertising video showing the interior of the receiver. 1G DDR4 RAM or DDR3x2 that's the question
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    TBS 6903-X useable with scanning apps?

    Hallo Llew if you want more information and still have the latest version of IQMonitor you can watch here: This is where the developer " Strannik" indicates all the news
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    26°East New transponder 11009 V 12000 1/2

    Hi on 26°East a new transponder 11009 V 12000 1/2 thanks to the FEC 1/2 I can receive this frequencies with 1.20 from the north of Bavaria
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    Just Sharing This New UHD @ 1 west

    Heritage 4K ok on Edision MIO4k and Hitube 4k Combo
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    12285 V now on Astra 2G?

    Don't you think it's the opposite? 2G is still possible for Bulgaria, and 2F is very difficult. satbeam indicates these 2 tables.
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    46E (Azerspace 1)

    Good Morning With a lot of difficulties and only early in the day Despite everything, I managed with my 1.20 m From north Bavaria 10998 H 3300 8PSK DBV-S2 ( Central asia beam)
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    New: octagon sx88 4k uhd s2+ip

    Has this DiSEqC problem been finally fixed?
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    No signal from certain transponders at 16e?

    Hello with an antenna of 1.20m and from the north of Bavaria (it's closer to your reception than the UK) I have no problem receiving all the frequencies that interest you, only the 12605 H is weaker than the others.
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    Multi-stream update @ 5 west

    Hello MCelliotG With which Image on the MIO4K did you get this blindscan result? :Y SatdreamGR? and which version? thank you in advance:)
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    Hispasat 30°W 11275H 16APSK

    My TBS 6983 card and my Edision MIO4K find this frequency by blindscan and get the same data 11275,5 H 7140( 7139) DVB-S2 QPSK (2) 2/5 ( auto) 12,9dB 12,8dB
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    Just Sharing This New multi-stream @ 30 west

    From the North of Bavaria in Germany, no problem to receive the multistream of Castilla-La mancha with 1.20m (with the rain this morning) The same for asturias
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    Just Sharing This A la maison hd

    it's encrypted now
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    Eutelsat 5 West B

    it is now really on 5 ° West
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    Eutelsat 9b italia beam

    From north bavaria with 1,20m
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    Just Sharing This Mediaset package update @ 5 west

    currently I can not find anything on 12627 H 35000, is there anyone who has a better result?