DEAD 7020, pleace help :)



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Hi Forum.

So my dear old DB7020 died on me yesterday...

For a long time now, it have been acting up, errasing settings, and flash and so on from time to time.
So i started to turn it off at night to save the dreambox from heavy uptime...
It is about 7 years old and have peetty mutch been running 24/7 all these years...

Now when i turn it on with the power-button in the back, there is light in the display, but NOTHING else...

At first i thought it was perhaps only faulty display, but there is also no ethernet comunication, so the reciver looks pretty dead...

The ONLY thing i can do is to turn on and off the light in the display with the standby button in the front of the reciver...

Pleace people, have you tried anything like this, and do you have any thoughts about this issue at all ??
Anything i can try to correct the issue ??

I am thinking it perhaps is the powersupply that is faulty, but i think it will be a bad deal to try and replace that, and then discover it was in fact something on the main board instead...:(

If you have any knowledge about repairing DB7020, or know of any forum or informations sites that have info on this reciver i will be really happy to hear from you ! :)



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Pop the top off and have a close look at the capacitors in the power supply area. Bulging or leaking capacitors are a common cause for electrical problems in equipment.

The capacitors are the cylindrical components with a Y T Or K embossed on the top, and the top should be completely flat.

Keep your fingers well clear of the circuit boards - capacitors in power supplies can store enough charge to give a nasty shock long after unplugging from the electrical power!