How to set up or re-arrange bouquets in dreambox 600 pvr,


Feb 2, 2011
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I am very Novies to this card sharing thing, i am using the Dreambox 600 S,PVR. for my card sharing
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Please am very new to this card sharing,very Novice,and Naive i hope people will get to know where am coming from those words,i have used there.

1, Well this is my problem,i bought a dreambox 600 pvr from Germany which is not a clone , it already has a gemine software install on it already. and gave to friend to put in a line.i mean card sharing. so now am watching many encrypted channels,but my problem now is,the way he did arrange the channels is my problem,my kids cannot use it if am out,he just mixed the channels, and its very confusing,so i would like to re-arrange them myself and want to find out if its posible to do myself, and what software can i use,have been reading many forums and people uses dreambox edit,so i downloaded and connected my dreambox this morning to my laptop this morning and i did not find any bonquet coming up on my laptop so don't know if i have to send back to the guy or i can do myself and how do i go about it?any help will be appreciated.
please help with the software to use and how to make my way round it and do i have to use moden cable or s232 cable? please help
Thank you