Newbie Here Motor sends dish too far west for satellite

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Setting up a motorised dish with 90 cm dish, Fortec motor (USALS) and technomate 1500 Ci receiver (yes kit bit dated!).
Pole is plumb, motor and dish in alignment and set up due south. Receiver has been reset to factory settings.
Enter longitude and latitude (info from dish pointer site based on postcode) into receiver, select Thor 1W as first satellite to align with but when select Go To the dish moves much too far west.
I have the dish pointer app on my mobile and the dish is not pointing at Thor 1W but more like 30W. Any ideas of what's amiss? Advice and ideas welcome.
Many thanks!


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Dishpointer approximately lists Peterborough at Latitude 52.97, Longitude -0.24, which equates to 0.24 West.
Therefore, as you have stated, your dish should hardly move West, 0.6-0.8 degrees, at most.

It could be the connections, the cable, the motor, or the receiver, causing the problem. As you are so close to 0.8W you might just leave it at 0, align the dish to Thor, then see how your receiver acts when you select various satellites, East, and West.
Have you got another receiver, or can borrow one, to try on your system?
Please keep us updated, with your progress.
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The 1500 should really only be used on DiSEqC 1.2 settings.

You may also have to reset the motor if it has been used before. There are different methods for this


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Have you tried sending a Goto 0 command to the motor first, as it might not have been dead centered.
I'd get the motor perfectly aligned/centered with the dish, make sure the latitude is set up correctly on the dish bracket.
Then send it to 0.8W, adjust the motor on the pole (Not the dish!) till you locate 0.8W and set the declination correctly on the dish bracket.

Then try sending it somewhere else, 30w or 28.2e and see if it picks those up. If it does then great, try further satellites and then a little bit of fine tuning outside to get it all aligned.


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Have you tried sending a Goto 0 command to the motor first

If the motor doesn't end at perfectly zero, then 'manually' (move buttons) move to zero, and then do a motor reset while at zero-position.
After that, do the outlining again.