Now tv 4k smart box review

The Now TV Smart Box is the first streaming box to deliver 4K service to consumers. Now TV has been a leader in streaming services due to its access to Sky UK’s inexpensive premium content without having to enter into a lengthy contract. Now TV is using this same recipe for the new Smart Box making this an easy recommendation.

Now TV provides access to the Sky’s content either live or on-demand. Various theme passes are sold on monthly terms, plus weekly and daily passes for Sky Sports. Any pass may be cancelled at any point. Other than Sky Sports, there are also Entertainment, Kids shows, and Sky Cinema themes.

Included with the Smart Box are apps for other services such as Netflix, YouTube, All 4, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, ITV Hub, and UKTV Play. Still more apps may be added through the Now TV app store like, Sky Box Office, and Vimeo. However, Amazon Prime Video is not available in the app store, which may be a major drawback for some customers.

Voice search is a very useful feature of this device. The remote contains a microphone that picks up your voice command to search by either the title of the program, or the name of an actor or director. Just be aware that there may be title that are very similar to each other. The more closely you can name the exact title, the better your results will be.

The Voice Search feature was fast and reliable in most cases. It can also find you other apps for programming content, but it cannot search for the content listing within that app.

This product is made by Roku who launched its first streaming device in 2008. The improvements in technology are apparent in that the Now TV Smart Box is notably faster. The updated User Interface produces a smooth and enjoyable experience.

All current content provided by Now TV is still limited to standard HD or 720p, but has plans for upgraded services in the near future. Netflix and YouTube have premium services that are available in 4K with a simple sign up.

The Now TV Smart Box is reasonably priced at £45.99. However, it becomes an even better deal at just £49.99 when bundled with one month passes to the Entertainment, Sky Cinema, and Kids TV themes, and an additional day pass to Sky Sports. The cost of those passes would come to £29.96 if purchased separately.

The true value becomes apparent when compared to other streaming devices. Amazon 4K Fire Stick is priced at £49.99, and the Roku 4K Streaming Stick is offered at £79.99.

Considering all the benefits available through this new device and the satisfying performance of its features and options, the Now TV Smart Box is a very good device. When coupled with the very reasonable price, the 4K TV system is a smart deal. Even if you don’t currently have a 4K TV, this device makes great sense if you have any plans to upgrade your TV in the near future.

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