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Jan 1, 2000
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Hey guys,
I had the OpenSPA image on my Gigablue Quald plus box since Christmas, and I fancied a play. Not that anything was wrong, but ...
I ended up with zthe OpenATV version 6 . The only thing I added was a file called "softcam-feed-universal_2.0_all" - that gives you the downloads you need, and put the Kraven skin on there, which I have been using for ages.

As I am not doing any cardsharing monkey business I am not too bothered, but had a little play to get the Swiss channels on 13e to open in anticipation of the Champions league.

All I can say is that the Gigablue is a "boring" box, it works well, there are a lot of images and software, and hardly ever crashes or freezes, so from a viewing point of view it is good, but a bit boring if you like action ;)

But seriously, still a really good box, recording, playback, streaming - all working sweet .

screenshot openatv 6.1.jpg