Perhaps it is time for the bbc to sit down and re-invent themselves?

Ofcom's latest report

"OFCOM's report assesses how the BBC is performing against a backdrop of significant change in the media landscape. Major growth in the use of online and connected devices, as well as superfast broadband, have enabled global online players such as Netflix and Amazon rapidly to establish themselves in the UK.1 YouTube now reaches more than 44 million people per month, while live TV viewing has fallen for six successive years.

But the BBC continues to play a central role across TV, radio and online platforms. More than nine in ten adults consume BBC content each week; on average, we estimate that people spend 2 hours 44 minutes with the BBC every day.

Audience satisfaction with the BBC is relatively high. Three quarters say they are satisfied with BBC radio (74%) and BBC websites and apps (75%), and just over two thirds with BBC TV (68%). A majority also agree that the BBC is delivering its ‘public purposes’ well."

Others no doubt would possibly say different, if the complaints system functioned correctly.

One can hardly call such figures a success
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That 16-34 viewing time is bad news for the future of the BBC - that generation is losing the tradition of tuning to the beebs channels. And since BBC3 went online I wonder what the viewing figures are these days.
If the BBC got rid of Capita (which would immediately cut the licence fee by around 5%) and collected via the same method as other broadcasters in Europe, they might have a chance of surviving the competition.

That, and improving their evening content of course.
Perhaps reverting to reporting the news instead of making it (up) would restore some faith.

Actually reporting impartially and without bias in-line with their royal charter would go a long way to enhancing their reputation. Unfortunately the backdoor finance via BBC World and others is too tempting for their accountants to ignore. With the figures above there should be no bonuses paid to any employee let alone the millions paid to the top executives if this was a product based business they would be out of business in months based upon the above but whilst there are mugs like the UK tax payers willing to support them they will stagger on.
The BBC is a joke, far from the once revered organization, you only have to listen to their radio stations to realize this.
At work I generally switch between Capital Xtra, and Radio 1 Xtra, and you can soon spot the differences.
On Capital Xtra you get less edited tunes, while on 1 Xtra they refuse to play any record they deem to se sexist, but only anti female sexism, and badly edit out other records, played nearly in full, on other, independent, radio stations, the last two being Freaky Friday, by Lil Dicky, and the recent Advice by Cadet & Deno Driz.
Even their news programs are ridiculously biased, in favour of political correctness, to such a point that I no longer trust the BBC news reporting.
Cull the money-grabbing loudmouth presenters and 'celebrities' milking the Corporation.

Anyway, £3 a week seems reasonable to me. Not that I pay it now :-rofl2

Plenty of other news sources. Try the online editions of the newspaper comics Sun, Mail and Express :lol:
I heard last week Capita are to bring back licensing (and therefore unannounced visits by their commission driven henchmonkeys) for pensioners , which could spell a change in tack.

Whatever happened to the overseers - BBC Trust and their charter ?
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I thought the BBC Trust were abolished, due to poor, or practically no, supervision of the BBC.
Just found this The BBC Trust closed on 2 April 2017

Also found this article:
"Young people in the UK are less likely to trust the BBC compared to older audiences, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center."
I thought the BBC Trust were abolished, due to poor, or practically no, supervision of the BBC.
Just found this The BBC Trust closed on 2 April 2017

Yes, but the charter drawn up before their demise has a transition period that I believe is active for ten years. Any issue becomes Ofcom's if it wasn't resolved before the trust was dissolved.