Re : recommendations for c band lnb .



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Morning MB The elbow will fit just means the LNB will be going off at a right angle so there will be some loss next problem was its a double male face which means I would me I make up a hard or soft gasket or just use silicone to seal both faces together then give it a good few wrapes with self amalgamating tape .

I then thought why not bolt the LNB straight onto the corotor flange :- This mean less loss and the O ring on the lnb will seal with the face on the corotor making no need for silicone or tape because once this is installed and set up with the satlook I have no plans to strip it all down again .

The skew motor is not working so I am assuming when I change out the corotor for the new I hope that fixes the problem I would have just removed the motor to see if its free but the screws holding the motor are seized and one did shear off the other day . So I dont think any thing can be salvaged from the old corotor .

As for the Elbow , O Ring and Screws yes the O ring and screws will fit the LNB so they will be used as the kit from SMW still has not arrived yet .