Sky q adds netflix

The Changes and Benefits

Sky Q has strengthened its position as the leading provider of on-demand television in the UK and Ireland. Netflix is now another part of what Sky Q is delivering to its customers giving them a whopping 3,616 movies and 1,436 television programs that they can access right beside their Sky content.

Customers are now able to choose Netflix programming through a seamlessly integrated login where the provider’s shows appear as suggestions on the Sky box homepage. Sky Q had also launched Voice Search functionality last year, and this feature will be available to help viewers find Netflix programming.

The Goal

The company is hoping to be the premier choice for television watchers by offering a wide, easy-to-use range of services including Netflix, YouTube and Spotify. Sky Q believes it has created the “Ultimate” value package for fans of TV. The goal is to give customers what they want with the easiest way to access to content and a single method of payment.

Recognizing that consumers desire flexibility of options, executives at Sky Q also allow users to keep the services separate. The normal login takes customers to their regular Sky Q box programming. The combined login takes consumers to the homepage with Netflix offerings and also works on the Netflix app.


Sky Q has been planning this partnership with Netflix for some time, first announcing the arrangement publicly in March of this year. To promote this partnership, Sky and Netflix launched a fan’s dream event. They created four themed rooms based on wildly popular shows and invited fans to come experience the worlds they have come to love.

The three-day event held from November 16 through November 18 was called The House of Sky Q. Some fans had the opportunity to enter into the world of Westworld, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, or The Crown.

The Costs

Under this arrangement, the subscription for Netflix is added to the customer’s Sky bill at £10 per month. A standard Netflix subscription comes at a cost of £8 per month and Sky’s Box Set costs £5 per month. The cost of the additional service is discounted, granting the customer a savings over having to order and pay for the services separately.

Sky Q has named the combined service, “Ultimate On-Demand”, and priced it at £10. Customers are not locked into a long-term contract. The package is offered on a monthly contract that can be cancelled by the customer whenever they want.

The Transition

Sky Q customers don’t have to lift a finger. The upgrade was processed in the background and installed overnight. Any Sky Q subscribers who already had a Netflix account can transfer that account into the new package or simply sign in to the Netflix app on their homepage with their existing login.

Sky Q’s recommendations algorithm has been modified to apply their customer’s viewing habits to Netflix’s programs in order to suggest entertainment that you might be interested in watching.


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Being in Spain I am happy with Freesat and prime Spain which is mostly in english. Sky is a waste of money anyway although lots of brits are happy to pay for it. Is Spanish Netflix also mainly in english, could be a good add on.