The same procedure as every year??

Our favourite New Years Eve programme is finally getting its UK premiere at a south west Scotland comedy event :)
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It's always been present at this house ever since we had satellite.

'Same procedure as every year' one could say :D
I first found it 25 years ago whilst bored with UK tv on NYE & was zapping around the channels. :D
We got into the ritual after AS's publicity here.

Oddly enough, my Bell-Ringing Band also observe it, and had done do long before I joined them!
Ah good to see Freddie has been honoured in his home town of Grimsby. Im going to have to pay a visit there now to photograph the plaque :)

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Gosh, only 60 when he died. He was 55 when he made DFO - he looked much older than that.

I remember his amiable drunk character that I would see on Sunday Night at the London Palladium. Loved it.
Dunno about the SB concert, but the missus has filled it up with years of stuff she will never ever get around to watching :-doh