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    JSC SPort in England (north west)?

    With jsc moving to 7.3w, 7w, 26e or whatever, Are any of these satellites available to pick up on a 1.2m dish? if not what is the minimum?
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    Viasat latvia golf channel coverage of Masters

    Just had a message regarding one of my boxes saying "wrong region" or along those lines. I guess they dnt have coverage of the masters or is this a subscription problem? Card was working on the programme before this.
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    How can I activate my Sky Italia card?

    presuming its the same scenario over there just ask for a self install and they will send the box card etc out to you. As for the other post, glad you got your card on. Im using a supplier from italy and when the box +3 cards arrived in good time i must add, i then emailed him each card number...
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    Swedish viaplay

    Will viaplay work in the uk if i connect my box to tinternet or will it realise im not in sweden and not work. Thanks in advance
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    Pan European football rights?

    May of turned it into the best league, but for who. Lots of clubs are now in financial meltdown and the national team has got worse and worse
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    Viasat Latvia PLhD

    It would seem on Ljs that there are no longer any games on the PLHD channel live, even at sly times on a sat sun and Monday anyone know if they've lost all live games on there now?
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    all genuine viasat satellite hd boxes did not show 3pm today

    I was told they would block them today but came on. Is there any european system that is safe or not. As no doubt if they go off then customers are likely to want another one in asap and i was going to offer viasat denmark now as i can get an unlimited amount of them
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    Football in pubs

    i had picture in picture on my tv in that little corner with sky sports soccer saturday on. Covered it perfectly;)
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    Karen Murphy - ECJ Judgement Due/Delivered

    does this mean the latvian viasats could turn back on there 3pm matches then as they cant been seen to breaking the law or breaching any rules
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    viasat footy

    ull need atleast a 1.1m, to save hassle i used a 1.25m dish on an install in manchester and all is fine.
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    all genuine viasat satellite hd boxes did not show 3pm today

    was this not similar to when sky hacked tring and buggered them up, but they came back on. I dont think sky can get away with this and they shouldnt be allowed to. They think they can rule the media world and look after themselves when its pubs clubs, and small working mens clubs that will feel...
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    all genuine viasat satellite hd boxes did not show 3pm today

    Must be something to do with sky as I spoke to my contact in Latvia who rang viasat n he said they weren't aware of any issues
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    new samsung tv not recognising onkyo amp

    yeh just done that and that was the problem, got to go buy another one tomo now as existing one is to short
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    new samsung tv not recognising onkyo amp

    bass has decided to come back on but no picture. There is also a hdmi coupler involved as the lead was too short
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    new samsung tv not recognising onkyo amp

    ive just bought and installed a samsung ue40d6100skxxu40" led 3d backlit tv and it wont recognise my ONKYO HTS5305 5.1. Is there something i need to do ??? also why im on this my bass has a blue light but has stopped working.:confused: