Just Sharing This Glamour Aura FHD skin vB.5 for OpenATV images

With great pleasure, I finally present publicly my latest project, which is none other than my new skin called Glamour Aura FHD-ATV. It's a labor of more than a year in the making and testing!
Glamour Aura FHD-ATV (GAFHD-ATV) is a Full High Definition and High graphic resolution Premium skin for receivers running Enigma2 and the recent OpenATV images.

Due to it's high resolution graphical nature, GAFHD-ATV was designed and optimized to run on new generation receivers. The minimal requirement is an STB with a CPU of 1000 Mhz (3000 DMIPS).

GAFHD-ATV is also a skin you can contribute to. The ipk of the skin is distributed with closed converters/renderers, but all the python code along with the skin code is available on Github.
You can find the source code here: https://github.com/MCelliotG/GlamourAuraFHD-ATV-skin
You can pull your requests, make recipes for it and I will push contributions after testing.

GAFHD-ATV on par with its graphical user interface is fortified with an extended python system that runs along with OpenATV's enviroment, providing it with some exclusive new features.

SCREENSHOTS and extended features presentation
1. Main Infobar
The main infobar is divided into two sections. The top section contains all frequency and signal info. GAFHD is the first skin that fully supports real-time info for Multistream services, showing MIS info when such a service is tuned. Up to 12 tuners can also be displayed. The left top part is a weather panel which shows today's weather. Weather info requires the MSN weather plugin to be installed and configured (instructions will follow).

The top infobar will also display full stream URL and stream type when a service is stream.

The lower section is the main infobar which contains along with the program info, an extended service info icons panel, including icons for audio/video codecs, a full exact framerate display, and a short weather panel which shows the current weather condition. GAFHD can also display a live bitrate if the bitrate plugin is installed and configured (this will be explained below as well).

The lowest part of the main infobar is the extended encryption info. GAFHD uses a new detection feature which shows all available caids and encryption system names of a service.

NOTE: The skin works best with 400X240 picon size.

2. Second infobar
The second infobar brings an amplitude of extra information for both the service and the system layout. The weather panel shows additional info on tomorrows weather.

The left panel is the layout info showing real time CPU work, temperature, speed and load and internal HDD temperature. The upper layers show the pids of the service in decimal format and also real time info on connected storage devices, memory and swap.The middle part displays now and next program extended description.

3. Channel selection screen
Channel selection along with the service list on the right displays the extended program description on the left, the five following events and also a new transponder info panel which also shows the stream type and stream url on a stream service and transponder info for the rest.

4. EMC player infobar/EMC main screen
Media player will additionally show icons for resolution, audio/video codecs, subtitle availability and the exact framerate of a video or stream.

5. Info screen
Info screen along with the usual info also displays the HDD storage panel, which shows connected devices space both internal and network HDD and USB. The storage panel is also available on the HDD screens.

6. Language selection
GAFHD is a truly multilingual skin. It utilizes the new Aura new font I created based on Roboto and Noto fonts the skin is able to show Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew and Georgian among others. More alphabets can be added by request.

7. OpenATV screens (Blue panel, Network panels etc)
GlamourAuraFHD-ATV has been fully optimized for use in the OpenATV environment. All individual screens have been skinned for the maximum user experience!

1) Download the ipk of the file.
Send the file to /tmp your receiver using an FTP program. Then you can install it manually via telnet or via the software manager.
opkg install /tmp /enigma2-plugin-skins-glamouraurafhd-atv_B.5_all.ipk

The bitrate plugin is essential for bitrate to work. You can download it from the plugins menu.
For correct display in the skin it needs to be configured as follows:
mode: as infobar,

style skin: compact,

background window: transparent-black,

X screen position: 1645 , 

Y screen position: 0837 , 

Z screen position: 14.

The correct settings are also shown in the screencap below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The skin works with the bitrate plugin, not with the BitrateViewer plugin.

The weather info requires the MSN weather plugin to be installed. I have included the ipk as well.
After installation you can configure your location via its settings menu.

Download MSN weather plugin from here (version 0.8-rc1):

As stated above, GAFHD-ATV is a premium high resolution skin and is designed to work well ONLY for receivers with a CPU higher than 1000Mhz. This is an obligatory limitation due to the high resolution graphical nature of the skin which also makes the package large in size.
For receivers with slower CPUs use at your own risk!
Also, GAFHD-ATV for the moment will not work on any other images than OpenATV. This skin version was designed ONLY for OpenATV images. It's not guaranteed to work on other OE-A images.

Skins are also always in beta mode, as the development of the images continues. As OpenATV is available to a vast number of receivers, some features may not work as intented.

This piece of work with all its graphics has been licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007.
The code is opensource and available on github. You are encouraged to contribute in the skin's development, as long as it comes through Github's terms of use. You are allowed to make recipes and forked repositories.
Any modifications in the code has to respect the given licenses. The code is free to be modified ONLY for PERSONAL use. Unauthorized releases of the skin that void the license are not the author's responsibility.
The graphics of the skin are NOT allowed to be modified by third parties in any case, except for the author's consent.
Please respect the work of the skinner, skins (especially when created from scratch) take a lot of effort and time.

VERSION B.5 (10/6/2018)

I want to personally thank my beta testers for their feedback. I encourage developers to contribute to the skin's further development in github.
I really hope you enjoy my work!
GLAMOUR AURA FHD for OpenATV version B.14 update 13/7/2018

- Added switches

- Added full support for EPG Vertical/PIG (perhaps they're the most beautiful screens I've ever skinned, lol)

- Many small cosmetic fixes

Download here:

or update directly through the OpenATV feeds.
GLAMOUR AURA FHD for OpenATV version B.14 update 13/7/2018

- Added switches

- Added full support for EPG Vertical/PIG (perhaps they're the most beautiful screens I've ever skinned, lol)

- Many small cosmetic fixes

Download here:

or update directly through the OpenATV feeds.

Mate this is a thing of beauty, wish I could try it.
found a bug when using EPG Translator plugin, when you come out of the plugin it zooms in too much & have to reboot to bring it back to normal.

any chance of making a version thats compatible with slower boxes ? even if it has to be at a lower resolution, id still be happy with that. did read distribution about minimum 1000Mhz, crashes alot on my box Formuler F4 Turbo (not your fault i know). iv had to uninstall your skin for the time being as not stable enough as my box is only 750MHz which is ashame as i absolutely love it.

keep up the good work tho, defo best skin iv seen for Enigma 2 :Y
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I have not skinned EPG Translator, so it could not be skin related, most probably EPG Translator default code does not support FHD resolutions, so bringing back the screen to FHD when using an FHD skin keeps the screen zoomed! I may skin it in a future version!
FTM I cannot make a light version of my skin. The skin is alpha transparency based which is not well represented if I convert the graphics to 8bit, besides its a full system skin, I skin almost everything in Enigma2. This means many graphics and a large size. Even if an older receiver was fast enough to support my skin, the memory wouldn't be enough for the graphics.
But it's not something out of the question.
GLAMOUR AURA FHD for OpenATV version B.16 update 25/7/2018

- Added picon support for provider in ChannelSelection.
The naming of the picon is the same as snr picons. For instance AFN (9.0E) should be named afn90e etc.

- Improved system speed and stability
- Added new timer icons

Download here:

or through the OpenATV feeds.
GLAMOUR AURA FHD skin v.B.24 for OpenATV images (update 25/9/2018)

- Added new converter GlamourTuners, only the available installed tuners will now show
- Added support for displaying up to 24 tuners!!!
- Graphic rearrangements in the infobar


- Fixed not found error when hddtemp binary is missing
- Several cosmetic fixes and improvements

Download here (version B.24 for OpenATV updated 25/9/2018):

And also from the OpenATV feeds

If you use the standalone version, please first uninstall the current version. If you use the online version from the feed, simply update the image.
Just trying this on the Octagon SF8008 with Open ATV 6.2. How do I get the SNR to a dB setting instead of the percentage level? I can't see anything in the settings and have the pro version set in the menu

Menu - Usage & GUI - OSD settings - Swap SNR in % with SNR in 'db'
And please if you use my skin, please give me a screenshot of the second infobar to test if the temperature sensor is working!
hello I'm using it I'd like to know how to add the bitrate showned on the right of the image of the attachment
thank you
best regards

edit: solved I watch previous post
Menu - Usage & GUI - OSD settings - Swap SNR in % with SNR in 'db'
And please if you use my skin, please give me a screenshot of the second infobar to test if the temperature sensor is working!

Many thanks.
Screenshot, Temp sensor seems to be working. This box runs really coolNewsnet.jpg
Thank you, can you please show me the second infobar, this is the main infobar, you can activate it on OSD settings in Usage and GUI on 2nd infobar option (either 2nd Infobar info or ECM infobar is the same). I need the CPU temp reading, to see if it works properly!
Second Infobar is shown with 2XOK. You can set it not to disappear automatically in the same settings page.
For weather info, once you setup your location press Save and then restart E2, sometimes it takes a while to update the location.
To get even better weather results you can also install weathermsn 0.8 (link is in the first post)
Thanks again in advance for all your help! SF8008 is very new, and hard to test if you don't own it!!

And I'm gonna need to you to help me with screenshots so that I can skin the blindscan plugin too, if that's OK!