Help Required TNT Sat card update



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Ok spoke too soon. Seems like the card has become disabled or something.
Lol, that's the kind of thing that would happen to me!

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Be aware the early series Fransat cards are being turned off by the end of the year & a replacement will be required.


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I am aware , thanks .. anyway to update it please ?


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OMG, I'm not the only one trying to do weird things.
So if I understand fine it is posible to activate the new card using oscam?
My situation is that In the past regular clines from internet could open the tntsat channels. unfortunatelly they don't any more.
so I'm thinking on buying a brand net tntsat card. and put it on a usbreader on a raspberry/pine64 (latest oscam server there) and use that as an internal server resharing to my decos using ccam.
Do you think it should work I really do not want to have two sat receivers.
I've read there is now another manual key to add to the reader we need to add the AESkeys and the DES key? would it be posible to get any advice on where to get and use those?

Thankyou I really apreciate any information that help me with the setup. actually my dad will je je I do not speak a word of french ;-)


I think most of the TNTSAT channels are available in the BIS package from Hotbird 13E


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just a long shot anyone here interested in helping me get my tntsat card to work with a card reader

and if anyone needs there card activating in a real tnt decoder box i have one



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125cm dish set to Astra 28.2 plus 80 cm dish set to Astra 19.2
quatro Lnb + unicable 32 LNB
2x 16 core Xeon pro 64 gig ram
2 x 8 input TBS 6909 dvd s2 cards
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not sure if this is the right place to post this but here go's

i am running a windows 7 64 bit server with DVBlink server installed

a dvds/s2 card all this works fine with the FTA channels that are not encrypted

i have a TBS3102 5 Crystal Phoenix Card Reader and a TNTsat card,

the problem that i am haveing is that i can't get it to decrypted the encrypted channels

below is the log file if anyone could help it would be great



C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBLogic\DVBLink\sources\TVSource-2\plugins\ACamd.dll

13:20:52.717: ACamd v0.6.2.0

13:20:52.726: MD-API Version 01.06

13:20:52.729: systems: registering CA system Cardclient, pri -15, ident 1000

13:20:52.729: structloaders: registering loader cardclient config

13:20:52.729: cardclients: registering cardclient Newcamd

13:20:52.729: cardclients: registering cardclient Newcamd2

13:20:52.729: cardclients: registering cardclient CCcamN

13:20:52.729: cardclients: registering cardclient Radegast

13:20:52.729: cardclients: registering cardclient Camd35

13:20:52.729: structloaders: registering loader smartcard data

13:20:52.729: systems: registering CA system SC-Irdeto, pri -10, ident 1001

13:20:52.729: feature: using feature SMARTCARD

13:20:52.729: registering Irdeto smartcard (id 49726474)

13:20:52.729: systems: registering CA system SC-Seca, pri -10, ident 1002

13:20:52.729: registering Seca smartcard (id 53656361)

13:20:52.729: systems: registering CA system SC-Viaccess, pri -10, ident 1003

13:20:52.729: registering Viaccess smartcard (id 56696173)

13:20:52.729: systems: registering CA system SC-Conax, pri -10, ident 1004

13:20:52.729: registering Conax smartcard (id 436f6e78)

13:20:52.729: systems: registering CA system SC-Cryptoworks, pri -10, ident 1005

13:20:52.729: registering Cryptoworks smartcard (id 4372576f)

13:20:52.729: systems: registering CA system SC-Nagra, pri -10, ident 1006

13:20:52.729: registering Nagra smartcard (id 4e616772)

13:20:52.729: systems: registering CA system SC-NDS, pri -10, ident 1007

13:20:52.729: registering NDS smartcard (id 56694732)

13:20:52.731: Monitor listen on port 50965

13:20:52.764: B:Betatunnel, CAID:1833 with Provider:00000000 to CAID:1702 with Provider:00000000

13:20:52.764: Engine [MD-API]

13:20:52.764: loading smartcard data from C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBLogic\DVBLink\sources\TVSource-2\plugins\smartcard.conf

13:20:52.765: loaded 5 smartcard data from C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBLogic\DVBLink\sources\TVSource-2\plugins\smartcard.conf

13:20:52.765: loading cardclient config from C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBLogic\DVBLink\sources\TVSource-2\plugins\cardclient.conf

13:20:52.765: ** registered systems:

13:20:52.765: ** SC-NDS (pri -10)

13:20:52.765: ** SC-Nagra (pri -10)

13:20:52.765: ** SC-Cryptoworks (pri -10)

13:20:52.765: ** SC-Conax (pri -10)

13:20:52.765: ** SC-Viaccess (pri -10)

13:20:52.765: ** SC-Seca (pri -10)

13:20:52.765: ** SC-Irdeto (pri -10)

13:20:52.765: ** Cardclient (pri -15)

13:20:52.765: COM3: open serial port

13:20:52.785: COM3: set serial options: 9600,SM_8O1

13:20:52.787: smartcards: added serial port COM3 as port 0 (normal CD, normal RESET, CLOCK 3571200)

13:20:52.787: 0: new card inserted

13:20:52.787: COM3: set serial options: 9600,SM_8O1

13:20:52.789: 0: reseting card


13:20:54.540: 0: indirect convention detected

13:20:54.540: 0: atr decoding TS=3f hist=7 Y1=70 TA1=18 F=372 D=0.000000 TB1=00 TC1=00 N=0 Y2=00

0: historical: d3 8a 42 01 64 90 00

0: historical: '..B.d..

Blocked 2 same messages...

13:20:54.540: 0: atr checksum not given/not required

13:20:54.540: 0: indicated wwt(T0)=1000 ms, bwt(T1)=1600 ms (at 3.5712 MHz)

13:20:54.540: 0: Init Viaccess card

13:20:54.540: ReadIni: COM3_9600 default 0 now set to 1

13:20:54.540: 0: read baudrate from menu, baudrate 0 to 9600

13:20:54.541: COM3: set serial options: 9600,SM_8O2

13:20:54.542: card v.unknown

13:20:54.913: card UA: 312649919

13:20:55.312: provider FFF400 (ISSUER)

13:20:55.696: provider 030B00 (TNTSAT)


Blocked 1 same messages...

13:21:21.532: Ch: 100 - TF1

13:21:21.532: Programm crc: 255C4CF5

13:21:21.533: PMT: ACamd_PMT.txt, search, found...

13:21:21.533: PMT: Index=2 PMT=0064 SID=2329 CAID=0500

13:21:21.533: PMT: Provider=00030B00 ECM=0500 EMM=0100 Name=TF1

13:21:21.534: 0x0064 0x2329 0x0500 0x00030B00 0x0500 0x0100 11111110

13:21:21.778: Incomming PackageSize [184]

13:21:21.829: provider not found on card

13:21:21.829: SC-Viaccess 0: ECM [0500][0500/00030B00] Pro (0.000)

13:21:21.829: SC-Viaccess 0: ECM [0500][0500/00030B00] not able to decode