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    ITV HD settings on various (mainly non Freesat) HD boxes

    Anyone had any success with a Dreambox 800?
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    ITV4 : not bad at all

    In my search for ITV4 just stumbled upon "UTV" who is presently showing the UEFA game Liverpool against Anderlecht. Sure looks and sound like an ITV station to me??? According to Channel hopper seems we have to wait until tomorrow night to find ITV4 Pligs
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    Has anyone ever got dreambox working with gbox and bslyb?

    Anyone know how to find gbox 2.02/2.03? Pligs76
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    is Five no longer FTV ?

    Same thing just happend to me, but I've lost C4. Will let it stay on overnight and see if that will cure it.
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    Formula 1 on Hispasat????

    Like with all football matches, L.J. is the man for the information you want: Check his site: h**p:// Pligs
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    dreambox and sky cards?

    Did put in the the Box ID as is, but only got a freeview card which doesn't seem to be married a specific digbox - using same card i two different digboxes. Pligs
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    dreambox and sky cards?

    Got NewcamD set up on latest Hydra image using this guide here: h**p:// but when starting the cardserver get error that "box id not paired with card" Using my FTA card daily on a normal box getting the FTA channels 1-5. ... close but...
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    Just Lost the Kiosk channels!

    Codes got changed today. Updates already circulating.
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    Channel 5 FTA on Telstar 12?

    Does anybody know whether Channel 5 ( is FTA on either Telstar 12 (15W) or Intelsat 907 (27.5W)? If I read the footprints correct an 80 cm dish should be able to pull the signal from Northern Germany. Has any of you with "big swinging dishes" tried it out? Pligs
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    Wavefrontier T90 + Invacom

    Allen1066, Sitting in the south of Germany I am getting 1W, 5E, 13E, 19E and 28E - and yes, I am getting all channels on 2D, even in heavy rain. Not too difficult to install. With the help of this forum I got it right i.e. 1) Put 13E in the middle 2) Adjusted tilt and skew according my...
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    Wavefrontier T90 + Invacom

    Can highly recommend the T90 which I have had for 3 years now. With MTI blue line 0.6 it pulls in the signals better than my old 100 cm Triax with 4 Sharp 0.7 lnb's.
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    LNB change ChannelMaster 1.2m

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. @Channel Hopper: Q1) which C120 flange LNB's are currently topping the "weak signals" favourites list? The feedhorn seems a bit dirty - but not bended. Is it advisable to replace that too? Pligs76
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    LNB change ChannelMaster 1.2m

    Got my hands on an old ChannelMaster 1.2m with a SMW XL-1000C LNB and an Echostar acuator. Main objective is to get Astra 2D in western Denmark which should be possible with this dish. (see photo) To optimize the setup intend to replace the LNB with a MTI blue line 0.3 but my question is how do...
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    Sky Digitial Reception in Germany - Darmstadt

    Located just west of Frankfurt and getting BBC1-4, ITV, Channel4 and Channel5 just fine on a 90 cm dish. You might want to consider a bigger dish. Pligs
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    28.2 and 19.2 on one dish??

    A friend of mine just installed just that in Germany using a 90cm Triax dish with a holder for up to 4 LNB's. Working like a gem.