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    Sky q adds netflix

    Being in Spain I am happy with Freesat and prime Spain which is mostly in english. Sky is a waste of money anyway although lots of brits are happy to pay for it. Is Spanish Netflix also mainly in english, could be a good add on.
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    Just Sharing This Spotify is Here at Last

    Spotify free on LG smart tv with 2 thirty second ads every hour, strangely comes up in dolby digital?
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    Astra 2G: Iberia & Balearics Reports

    Just had a huge drop in signal level on c4 HD, 11127 dropped from 72 to 50 ish. Back now but always a worry. Sometime during countdown in an ad break. Just putting it out there.
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    Advice Needed Question about Openbox receivers

    Had my F3 for about 3 years now, even copes with spanish summers and dodgy Iberdrola elecricity supply without problems. Following the advice of this forum I have left the firmware as is and add channels manually.
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    Astra 2G: Iberia & Balearics Reports

    Thanks for the swift reply, will keep an eye on levels, still have SD channels all day so no great worry yet. But always looking for an excuse to upgrade, thinking about a wetek play as they seem quite reasonably priced.
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    Astra 2G: Iberia & Balearics Reports

    Is anyone else around the Gandia area finding signal levels on the main freesat sd/hd channels on 2E slightly lower than normal and fluctuating. I am not sure if slight changes in satellite position are causing this or maybe lnb or receiver on the way out.
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    Advice Needed Connectivity

    Just a thought but are you using wireless to connect your tv, tried with my android and ended up connecting via a pair of homeplugs due to dropping wireless connection. After this, problem over and has been OK for a couple of years.
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    Advice Needed Connectivity

    I have a telefonica line and use a Telefonica router and have never had a problem with film on (have watched all night before during heavy rain), not reconfigured in any way, no VPN or using services to mask IP. Have you tried another router? I have 8MB also but checks out around 6.5.
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    Astra 2G at 28.2E: General Discussion

    With 2g supposedly almost 0.5 degree west from 2e/2f midpoint(where my dish is hopefully pointed) it could explain loss of 11023 and 11053 for me. Off on holiday soon so will try and tweek it a bit when I get back. All 2g transponders except these and 10993 pretty good. Could lnb skew...
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    Astra 2G at 28.2E: General Discussion

    Not sure if location makes a difference but signal quality indication on my F3 on 11222H up from 70-71% to 75-76%, usual level for one the PE beams on 2E/2F for me.
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    Installing Dishes In Spain for 2E Chit-Chat

    I never realised how good British gas were, looks like an explosion waiting to happen. Would like to here comments from gas safe engineers from the UK.
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    Costa Blanca, 2E/2F, seasonal signal fluctuation.

    Oh the joy of having to use attenuators, no showing off please:-lol
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    Improving sound quality

    Have bought many times online and in store from Richer Sounds and cannot fault them for customer service and price. My Marantz SR4200 (receiver)still perfect after 12 years with DTS and DD5.1 as are the mordaunt short MS25is (front speakers) , who need a sub? Been a few years since I bought...
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    Costa Blanca, 2E/2F, seasonal signal fluctuation.

    All ok in Alqueria (Gandia area) but 10847 from 2e a bit flaky in the middle of the day(cricket lunch 2-240 cet) and all other transponders about normal for me.
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    Windows XP Updates.

    Many thanks, auto updates and firewall all OK again. I use xp as part of a dual boot with vista, now vista works well I like to keep xp working on a separate hard drive as it contains my vista backup.