Intelsat 901 / MEV1 mission


Jun 17, 2015
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My Satellite Setup
TBS6983 Professional DVB-S2 Dual Tuner PCI-e Card, TBS6522 Multi-standard Dual Tuner PCI-e Card, EyeTV Netstream 4Sat, EyeTV Netstream 4Sat (refresh) and Netstream Sat, EyeTV Sat CI, Hybrid (2008, International), EyeTV Sat Free
SDR: RSP1, Adalm-Pluto
Antenna: SelfSat H50D2
Mac:EyeTV 3, SAT>IP Viewer, Dvblogic, eyetvCamd
PC:DVB Viewer, EBS Pro, Crazyscan, IQ monitor, TS reader
Pay Tv: Mtel, Telia
My Location
FlySat changed the parameters today after my report,but kept the previous information,for reasons known only to them.That's why I also came back to this iptv-over-sat streams,so that those interested know that it exists.
On this occasion I also discovered more radio streams on, which I thought it was good to know.
For intervening on the topic,I'm "punishing" you :) for listening to them.
I wrote to flysat and they have added some information back to page. they also explained me that they have upgraded something on webside and that upgrade brought some limitations (like adding IP numbers)

Satesco, you are older than me and highly experienced. I do follow you on other forums and appreciate your knowledge, thanks for all information you share with us.. im kinda carefull to call myself as DX:er but yes we do DX ing. We are trying to catch those weak signals and see what they have inside .. I love SDR, satellites and everything about radio communication.

On hardware side, i have a couple of TBS cards, a couple of SDR hardware and software on both Linux and Windows and on Mac, some LNBs, converters, LNAs, antennas for couple of different bands, RPIs, and many many more....
But things that i use most are TBS 6983, Adalm Pluto, Bullseye 10 kHz LNB, and a lot of software.

For those narrow low SR signals i do use my NooElec SDR E4000 Tuner or Adalm Pluto or my SDRPlay (because of the frequency range that these tuners can cover) + Dc-injector, DC passthrough or something similar to power up LNB ( i use my tbs card to power up the LNB and for controling frequency and polarization)
i forward the stream from sdr hardware to a DVB-S demulator and tunneling from demulator to TSReader or to similar software (depends on your setup and operative system on your computer)

But the easiest easiest easiest way is DVB-S2 Demod GUI from SWL-markro92 at AMSAT forum + NooElec e4000 + TSReader via TCP
On a waterfall display you can easily see the bandwidth and guess the SymbolRate

First screenshot is the signal level for 11609 V with 65cm antenna with Bullseye 10 kHz LNB on it
Second screenshot is the frequency 11686,100 V - SR 83, which i havent reported to flysat. An audio stream encoded in ACC ADTS here is the sample

Satesco, please never stop to share your findings with us and thank you for everything


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