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Just Sharing This Glamour Aura FHD skin vB.5 for OpenATV images

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With great pleasure, I finally present publicly my latest project, which is none other than my new skin called Glamour Aura FHD-ATV. It's a labor of more than a year in the making and testing!
Glamour Aura FHD-ATV...
BSkyB to Revamp EPG
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Sky+HD is being updated in the biggest change to Sky’s EPG since 1998. Once the change is implemented a few changes will be noticed on the layout of the home screen. This is because BskyB have decided to completely change things and want their new EPG to really focus on...
Bruce Willis banned from our TV screens
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You may love it or hate it, but it has probably been very difficult to escape the Die Hard actor, Bruce Willis, advertising Sky broadband on our TV’s. But wait for it, this advert has been banned for being misleading. Hooray I hear some of you say!!!

As a reminder, the ad shows Bruce Willis...

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